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Great Comfort

My parents had a sofa for a long time that wasn’t really comfortable for anyone. They had talked on and off about replacing it, but weren’t exactly sure what they wanted. Finally a few weeks ago, they decided on a Lazy Boy that fit them both just right. It was delivered yesterday. Tonight after dinner, we put a movie on and all got comfortable. For the first time ever – well, since I have been living with them anyways – nobody moved during the entire 2 hour show. Both sides of the sofa have their own recliner with a remote control for the motorized head and foot rests. Both my mom and dad said they moved their position slightly from time to time, but they were also amazed that they were able to go through the whole movie. I enjoyed seeing them so relaxed and comfortable. Oh – and the movie we watched was, “The King’s Speech”. I highly recommend it.

I Found God today seeing my parents in great comfort.

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