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Struggle From the Beginning

A few weeks ago, I began attending a Bible class and we started at the beginning in the book of Genesis. Tonight in my small group, we discussed the basic human nature of good and evil, faith and sin. One person noticed that God promises redemption from the beginning and gives us (people) the opportunity to choose to follow Him or not. But even when we have faith, we are so easily distracted, forget God’s goodness, and even neglect speaking with Him in prayer. Then we find ourselves out of sorts and/or unhappy. Another person agreed and said that when they forget to pray or ask God for help when needed, things don’t go so well. But when they remember and go back to Him, they have renewed faith and joy. I was encouraged to hear this, as I often too forget God’s goodness and that He created me – each person – out of His love, for love, to be loved. It was a great reminder to try to stay on track.

I Found God today in a better understanding of the struggle each of us face with good and evil and a reminder of the antidote, which is relationship with God.

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