Who Is Your Neighbor

This morning on my phone, photos popped up from 5 years ago. They were from the last Workcamp I attended before I moved. I remember it well when I told the youth I was leaving and we all cried. Those were the best of times, best of people, best of experiences that forever changed me. […]

Courageous Martyrs

Tonight in my Bible class, we read through the books of Maccabees. It was an amazing, yet disturbing account of the oppression and martyrdom of the Jewish people. Those who failed to obey the laws of the land and chose God’s laws instead were tortured and died horrible deaths. Probably the most famous story out […]

People of the Bible

The other day, I read a meditation that stated, “Every single person in the Bible is put there to serve you. Hidden between the lines of these ancient texts, they wait, wanting to teach you the great truths of the journey.”  – Matthew Kelly. I had my Bible class tonight and this statement really rang […]

Moments With God

Today I felt blessed to be able to take a few minutes during the day to spend with God – in prayer, in meditation, at Mass, and in the Bible. There were times when anxiety tried to creep into my mind, but these moments of spiritual rest helped me to stay at peace. I Found […]

In the Beginning

As I have been going through my Bible course, I have been getting each book separately that include commentaries. I find them very helpful to explain things that don’t make a lot of sense to me thousands of years after they were written. A while ago, my mom picked up the book of Genesis, determined […]

History Repeats Itself

In my bible study class tonight, we went through the book of Judges. This is a rather disturbing book describing the continuous cycle of disobedience, consequences, and faith of the nation of Israel. During that period of time, the Israelites would do whatever they wanted, deciding not to obey God and not to teach their […]

A Blessing

I have been reading the book of Numbers in the Bible for my class and came upon a blessing in chapter 6:24-26. It contained the words to a song that I loved and used to sing in the church choir. My mother knew it long before me and I shared the scripture where it originated. […]