In my Bible class, we have been reading about the life of Jesus Christ. Most recently, we have looked at the hypocrisy of the majority of the Pharisees. They were intent on making rules upon rules for the Jewish people to follow. Yet, when God was present among them, they couldn’t wait to be rid […]

New Our Father

The other night, my Bible class was focused on the Our Father. Much of the time was spent dissecting the prayer. It certainly gave more meaning to the words that I often say without even thinking about them. Just as an example, the words “…Thy will be done…” are saying that even though I have […]

Learning About Learning

Last night I started back to my Bible class – year 2. It was good to see the people I met last year and hear what everyone did over the summer. As the teacher summarized the previous year and talked about what to look forward to, I was pleasantly surprised to realize how much I […]

Not Much Has Changed

As my dad continued to listen to some audio tapes today, I heard them as well. One in particular was he and my mom speaking to my dad’s aunt some 40 years ago. They got talking about the state of the world and the end times. They discussed the church’s beliefs as to when Jesus […]

Finished the Book

During the Bible class I took, we read excerpts from the book, “Walking With God; a Journey Through the Bible” by Dr. Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins. Since we studied most of the Old Testament, we didn’t get through the entire book. I signed up to take the next course which focuses on the life […]

Who Is Your Neighbor

This morning on my phone, photos popped up from 5 years ago. They were from the last Workcamp I attended before I moved. I remember it well when I told the youth I was leaving and we all cried. Those were the best of times, best of people, best of experiences that forever changed me. […]

Courageous Martyrs

Tonight in my Bible class, we read through the books of Maccabees. It was an amazing, yet disturbing account of the oppression and martyrdom of the Jewish people. Those who failed to obey the laws of the land and chose God’s laws instead were tortured and died horrible deaths. Probably the most famous story out […]