God Formed Us

Tonight I read part of the book of Jeremiah and came to one of the most beautiful passages that has been so meaningful to me for many years. It is also one that defines those who stand and work for the life of the unborn. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, […]

Holy Families

I must admit, I didn’t feel much like a holy part of a family this morning. Things broke left and right and messes were made. I tried to help fix things and clean up messes, but I admit it was frustrating. Then we “went to church”. The priest reminded us that we celebrate the Feast […]

Why Does God Allow Evil

In my Bible class tonight, we read through the book of the prophet Habakkuk. He raises the question to God one that we have all wrestled with since the beginning of time – Why does God allow evil? Habakkuk cried out to God since from his perspective, evil was flourishing and good was dwindling. He […]

Online Class Struggles

Tonight when I connected online with my Bible class teacher, I noticed that the color was off from previous classes. Everything had a yellowish, greenish tint to it. She asked if everyone could see her and hear her. She explained that her computer crashed and she was working with a loaner. When she saw more […]

Not Comfortable Here

In skimming my emails today, a paragraph from an advertised blog caught my eye: The world is not a very comfortable place right now. Now, it could certainly be worse (although I don’t usually find that reminder too terribly comforting); but it has also definitely been better. To say that the difficulties, tragedies, injustices, and […]

Personal Prayer of Thanks

As I have been continuing to study the book of Isaiah in my bible class, I read about Hezekiah who was a king of Judah. He was stricken with a life threatening disease. However, he had faith, prayed and trusted God. Because of this, God healed him and gave him an additional 15 years of […]

Righteousness, Justice, Peace

Tonight in my Bible class, we continued our study of the prophet Isaiah. After the tumultuous week our country has experienced regarding the election, the words from the prophet rang true. Time and time again, Isaiah exhorts the people not to put their trust in men, nations, governments, but to place their trust in God. […]

Isaiah Has Foretold

Tonight in my Bible class, we studied parts of the book of Isaiah – the Oracles of the Nations. These passages are the prophet’s warning to all the nations of the know world at that time. He outlines the destruction of each country and the reasons. For the most part, the nations have been prideful. […]

Set on the Spirit

A few months ago, I was given a book called, “Nine Words” by Allen R. Hunt. The book is based on the nine “fruits of the Holy Spirit” as outlined by Paul in Galatians. I have been reading slowly, allowing the wisdom and encouragement to sink in. Last night I read about how important it […]

Aware of Angels

In my Bible class tonight, we read the book of Tobit. It is a beautiful story of 2 people who were going through very difficult times. They remained faithful and both cried out to God in prayer at the same time. God heard them and sent Raphael the archangel who helped and healed them. After […]