Last Bible Class

I signed up for my Biblical School class 4 years ago, not really knowing if I would even be able to complete the first year. After 4 years, tonight was my last class. I learned so much and my faith grew as I feel closer to God than when I started. Honestly, part of the […]

Unexpected Support

In my bible class tonight, we broke into small groups as we do each week to discuss the homework questions. One of the questions was, What deeds of yours would you hope to be remembered for? My answer was that as difficult as it is to care for my parents and as much as I […]

God’s Dwelling Is With Us

Today in Mass, we read part of the book of Revelation. It touched my heart and brought me hope and comfort. I wished everyone could hear these words not only in their ears, but in their hearts. It is such a challenging time right now for so many people and I feel we all need […]

Together Again

About 2 1/2 years ago, my prayer group decided to start meeting via Zoom out of precaution due to COVID. It worked out well, especially as one of the members moved to another state. But, recently we have talked about meeting together again in person. Tonight was the first time we did. We actually went […]

The Victor

I am finishing my 4 year Bible course fittingly with the book of Revelation. Tonight we discussed the various interpretations. Could this have been fulfilled in the past with the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem? According to my instructor, likely not. The book contains warnings of how what has happened will affect what is […]

Revelation 1

Finally, as I am in my last weeks of Bible class, we have come to the book of Revelation. I have been looking forward to it as I know it is a very misunderstood and misinterpreted book. In my small group, we discussed the study questions for chapter 1. One of the participants said she […]

Sharing Caring Heart

A friend and I planned on meeting for a hike this morning. I texted her and got no response. I called and got no answer. This was not like her at all, so I got a little worried and decided to just go over to her house. She called while I was on my way […]

The Ball Game

Yesterday my sister came for the weekend while I had a fun day with my family at a baseball game. In afternoon my son and his girlfriend picked me up and we headed to the big city. There we met my other son and family. We found a place to park not too far away […]

The Lord is My Shepherd

I have had a tune in my head all day for a hymn using the words of Psalm 23 beginning with, “The Lord is my shepherd”. This got me noticing that image everywhere. A friend sent a book that goes through the Psalm as a meditation of types, focusing on one sentence at a time. […]

In Labor

In my bible class tonight, my teacher talked about the awesome experience he had being able to witness the birth of 5 of the 6 of his children. He said there was nothing like seeing his wife in labor and all the suffering that accompanied it. At the final push, he could see the tremendous […]