His Love Testimony

Most of the caregiver groups I participate in are comprised of wives taking care of their husbands. There is an occasional daughter caring for a parent and there are little to no men. Today I logged onto a new class I signed up for. One of the participants was a man caring for his wife. […]

The Peace Love Rock

My parents were awake early this morning with sore arms from their 2nd COVID-19 vaccines. They took a Tylenol and headed back to bed. They got up a few hours later and had breakfast. They were still a little achy and very tired. So they took another Tylenol and laid back down. They rested another […]

Not an Emergency

I talked with a friend today who is a spiritual director/life coach also. She has been such a help to me as I do my best to navigate COVID and caring for my parents. One thing we talked about recently is the idea to not let my thoughts, worries, and fears of the future get […]

How She Loves Him

After my mom did her Parkinson’s exercise class online, the group had a social time. The leader asked how everyone celebrated Valentine’s day. My mom told them about the family getting together on Zoom and opening funny cards. One of the men said his wife of 44 years wrote a list of all the reasons […]

Run and Hug

When I went for a walk today, I saw a mom, dad, and little boy walking in the complex. An older woman with a little girl came around the bend in front of them. One of the children yelled, “I see you!” and they started running towards one another. When they met, there were hugs […]

Mercy and Hope

I saw a quote today on social media that touched my heart. The problem is, I can’t remember the whole thing and haven’t been able to find it again. However, the part that I do remember has popped in my head over and over today – show mercy today and have hope in tomorrow. I […]

Desperate Benediction

With all the chaos that ensued today, I was encouraged to find consolation with my friends on social media. One particular item that was shared was a song released today by Steven Curtis Chapman, “A Desperate Benediction”. On his Youtube introduction of the song, he says in part, ” . . . ultimately, I believe […]

God Formed Us

Tonight I read part of the book of Jeremiah and came to one of the most beautiful passages that has been so meaningful to me for many years. It is also one that defines those who stand and work for the life of the unborn. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, […]

New Year’s Prayer

I received a new year’s prayer in the mail the other day that we prayed tonight. It was beautiful and well worth sharing: Lord, we pray that this New Year will bring us closer to You.Help us to truly celebrate the gifts You have graciously given us and use them to serve You and spread […]

Continuing the Chronicles

For years my son and I have watched the Chronicles of Narnia, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” at Christmas time. When I was at his place the other day, I mentioned it to him. He pulled out the DVD and let me borrow it. Tonight, I watched it with my parents. It was […]