Love the Giver

Last week, my prayer group discussed the Gospel for this past Sunday. One of the ladies watched Mass with Fr. Mike Schmitz who posts videos through Ascension Press. She told us she thought it was very powerful and that we might enjoy watching it as well. She was right. First of all, he is incredibly […]

Doting on Dad

I made blueberry pancakes for my dad for Father’s Day this morning – one of his favorites. Then my sister came over with coffee and treats for him as we showered him with gifts. Later in the afternoon, we had our family Zoom session and my other sister gave us a tour of her garden. […]

Grandson Grandfather Outing

The last time my dad got a haircut was shortly after he came home from rehab recovering from the stroke. It was super long by that time and he was so happy to have it done. Now, since the pandemic, we have all had to wait again. His hair grew long once more and we […]

Finally Photo Album

We had quite the festivities here during the months of April and May. I had been promising my siblings that I would share photos of the all the events. Although they weren’t here physically to celebrate, they sent flowers and gifts and we all participated in some pretty creative Zoom sessions. We kicked off the […]

Dream a Dream

Tonight my parents’ and I watched a virtual concert by the local Children’s Chorale. The ensemble consisted of several individual choirs of different ages and even an all guys group. The concert showcased recordings from Christmas and other events as well as the youth singing together virtually. It was delightful watching the energy, enthusiasm, and […]

Needed Message

I met with some of my prayer group tonight and as we were looking over the scripture readings for the upcoming Sunday’s Mass, one of the ladies pointed out the 2nd reading for that day. It was a much needed and pertinent message at this time: 2 COR 13:11-13“Brothers and sisters, rejoice. Mend your ways, […]

Loving Marriage

My nephew and his girlfriend announced a while back that they were engaged to be married. They wanted to have the wedding this Spring and had been thinking about what that might look like. Due to the current circumstances, they decided to have the marriage ceremony in a park with only their parents in attendance. […]

Truth and Love

In the craziness of this world, we are being bombarded with “information”. At this point it is difficult to sort out what is the truth, what we should believe, and how we are supposed to respond. Today I read a few simple lines from a very wise and holy man – Pope Saint John Paul […]

Virtual Anniversary

Today my parent’s celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. My dad created a cute card for my mom with photos of them on their wedding day and now. They have been saying for days now that they can’t believe they have been married for so long – that is a lifetime. In the afternoon, we had […]

Loving the Vulnerable

Every day I think about how to keep my parents healthy and safe. That has multiplied exponentially at this time. And, it seems, those around me are aware and trying to do the same thing. People are checking in on us every day asking how everyone is doing. Today I read a beautiful quote that […]