Blessed Mother’s Day

The flowers started arriving yesterday. This morning, my sister came and brought more flowers. They were and will be such a joy especially for my mom. My sister also brought food and we had a lovely girls brunch. After that I went to Mass. The deacon gave a great homily. He told a story of […]

The Grand Theater

My mom received a beautiful birthday card from a relative today. Actually, we probably got it several days ago, but haven’t been through the mail in a while. In any case, the card included a note about the Grand Theater in my Mom’s and Dad’s hometown. Our relatives were going to see a concert there. […]

Best of Both

My granddaughter joined the “Music Club” at her elementary school. They practiced their singing after school and had a concert this evening. Since the weather was decent, I walked over to the school pushing my mom in the wheelchair. We met my son and his family there who had a place for us to sit. […]

To the Cemetery

My mom has been wanting to get out to the cemetery for the past couple of days, but she hasn’t felt good and the weather has not cooperated. Today, it was chilly, but the wind was not blowing. Mom felt ok after lunch, so we decided to go. I bought her some flowers the other […]

Grateful for a Sad Heart

The other day, a friend of mine wrote that she was “grateful for a sad heart” after her aunt passed away. That statement seemed like an oxymoron. Today my parents would have celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary. We all had sad hearts here. I pondered my friend’s gratitude as, to me, the pain my mom […]

Pulling Back the Curtain

It is easy for me to get caught up in the things that aren’t going well in my life and the lives of my loved ones. Not to mention the seemingly degradation of the world. In this morning’s meditation, Jeff Cavins said if we were to pull back the curtain between us and the spiritual […]

Loving Relationships

My mom’s friend came over today as usual. She told us about their mutual friend who she has been visiting in a nursing home. She described how their friend has been declining and is in a bad way. Her husband died a few years ago. She is estranged from her daughter and her son who […]

Jesus Revolution

Today I put on my tie-dye I ❤️ Jesus t-shirt and was blessed to be able to go to the movie, “Jesus Revolution” with a group of people from the community where we live. It is based on a true story of the relationship between a street preacher, pastor, and young people looking for their […]

Angels Always

I have been continuing to listen to the podcast of reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church in a year and trying to stay caught up. Today I listened to and read a couple paragraphs about angels. According to scripture, God created Heaven and Earth. Heaven is everything spiritual, including the angels who have will […]


The ladies in our community go to lunch once a month. My mom has thought about going, but not committed. Today seemed like the perfect opportunity. We met about 14 others in the restaurant. My mom knew a couple, as did I. They were all very warm and friendly and invited my mom into their […]