Puppy Love

A friend of mine loves her pets – especially her dogs. They are actually more than pets. They are companions. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, her dog suddenly showed signs of being unwell. She took her to the emergency vet who kept her and did what they could to treat her. Shockingly, the next day […]

Unhand the Cheerios… — Life on the Road Less Traveled

I Found God today in this post.

Long Lasting Love

Today I was very happy to be able to attend the 50th wedding anniversary party for one of the couples in my prayer group. The event was hosted by one of their daughters’ at her home. I had heard a lot about the family and seen photos, but this is the first time I met […]

Most of the Family

This Father’s Day, we had quite a group of family at the house to celebrate – both my sisters, my brother, my son, and my nephew. My other brother who lives in another state was the only sibling missing, but he sent chocolates and goodies and had a long Facetime with my dad. It was […]

Loving Posture

Today in the grocery store, I stopped in the card aisle. There was a woman and a young man there too. I heard them chat a bit and when they turned around, I realized the young man had Down’s Syndrome. They made their choice and left the aisle. I found the perfect card and made […]

Love Through a Child

I chatted with a friend today who shared an adorable picture of her granddaughter. The toddler is about 1 1/2 years old and full of energy. The photo caught an intimate moment of the little girl stretching up high on her tiptoes so she can reach the face of a Mother Mary statue to give […]

New Face

Tonight I watched the repeat of a story about a young man who received a face transplant. I had heard bits and pieces of the story that came to light in November. But tonight I learned and saw much of the story. The young man got a second chance at life after years of dealing […]