Encouraging Nephew

Today I received an unexpected phone call from my nephew. He started by thanking us for his birthday wishes. From there, we talked about how relaxing vacation time was. He and his wife visited a little while ago and discovered they had an additional day, so they decided to spend it just enjoying the time […]

One on One Time

As I spent my last day with my son and his family before I head back home, I thought about how grateful I am. We had much to celebrate and a lot of fun. And I was able to spend one an one time with each of my grandkids. I read, played Barbies, and put […]

Year Anniversary Visit

Today we had a wonderful visit with my nephew and his wife. It is the first time we have seen them together since they were married exactly 1 year ago. As we talked about the past year of pandemic, they noticed what a unique time it was. The first celebration of their marriage was with […]

What’s Around the Bend

This morning as I was driving to pick up groceries, I came to the familiar blind corner. I have seen people fly around the corner without realizing there is a traffic light up ahead. As I cautiously entered the bend, the Christian music station that I was listening to played, “Forever On Your Side”, by […]

The Dementia Struggle

I read a friend’s post today and could empathize in my own situation. This is what she wrote: “My husband was diagnosed with Temporal frontal lobe dementia in in 2014. His progression has been gradual until this past year and now it is increasingly progressing. It is the saddest thing I have had to watch […]

Simple Loving Gesture

I met with my prayer group on Zoom this evening. One of the ladies had her hair done today and it looked lovely. At one point during our discussion, her husband gently pulled back a piece of hair from her face. She looked at him and as their eyes met, they smiled. They have been […]

Ever Available Presence

As I have been continuing to reflect on my experience at Mass yesterday, it struck me that I was blessed to encounter just a little bit of God’s overwhelming love. While I felt like I received an incredible gift – which I did – I am not extraordinary. God loves each person this intensely – […]

Reunited at Mass

What a beautiful Mother’s Day. I received well wishes and a surprise call from my grandson wishing me a happy mother’s day because I am “indirectly responsible for him being here.” My sister and I made a lovely brunch for us and our parents. We Zoomed with the family as usual. But the most amazing […]

Flower Season Begins

Today my parent’s celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. And flower season at the house has begun. The other day they received a bouquet from my mom’s sister. The next day my sister came and brought a bouquet that ironically matched the first one. Today my parent’s received a large bouquet of red roses and irises […]

All Wound Up

This afternoon on family Zoom, my granddaughter was all wound up. She logged in on her own laptop that she uses for her Kindergarten classes. First she was lying down and said she was dancing. We encouraged her to stand up and dance. She obliged and I danced along as we went through several different […]