Grateful for Relationships

I woke up this morning to the sound of a text just received. I rolled over, grabbed the phone, and watched the most hilarious, ridiculous, obnoxious happy birthday video that my son sent me, complete with my name being sung. I laughed out loud alone in my room. That was a great start to my […]

Lasting Forever

I read a blog today about a woman named Annie Flack who recently passed away and had made a tremendous impact on a Christian community. She was quoted by something she said every day that can sum up our entire life: Only one life, will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last. […]

Boys’ Birthday

My older son flew out this weekend to celebrate his and my younger son’s birthdays. They came over this evening for a socially distant visit. They are 12 years apart in age, so didn’t spend their childhood or youth together. I love seeing them together now as adults. It’s funny that their voices, the things […]

God Speaks if We Listen

My sister has been struggling with an issue and trying to decide what her part is in responding. She shared with me an article that she came across that perfectly described the situation and offered a resolution that made sense by following Jesus’ example of interaction in his relationships. The advice was spot on. I […]

Joyful Friend

I was glad to hear from a far away friend today. We had not talked in quite a while. I knew she was struggling with some issues with her kids and I have kept them in prayer. Today she said many of those concerns have been rectified. She didn’t realize what a burden she had […]

Fun Afar

My son came over for a visit today. It is always good to see him, to talk and laugh. He told me about some games that he plays online with his brother and nephews. I thought about the effort it took to stay in touch with my brothers, sisters, and my parents when we all […]

Contact Made

Today I was feeling particularly isolated. So I reached out to a couple of people I had not talked to in a long time, texted a bit, and called and talked to my sister for a bit. I was grateful for the interaction. It just felt good to connect. I Found God today connecting with […]

Labyrinth Goal

Last year I took an overnight retreat at a monastery located not too far from home tucked away in the woods. When I left, they said I was welcome to come any time to visit or walk the grounds. I had some time to myself today and decided to go there. A few months back […]

Cabin Buddies

Today we had a visit from a friend who is also a neighbor at the cabin. He told the story of how he came to purchase his plot of land, which I had never heard. He and his family was living on the east coast. A friend of his had bought some property and was […]

It’s Time

This morning I listened to the radio for a bit and heard a special session with Sidewalk Prophets. They introduced one of their songs by saying that they felt one of the biggest things that robs us from love is the screens we put in front of our face. Instead of spending time with the […]