His Love Testimony

Most of the caregiver groups I participate in are comprised of wives taking care of their husbands. There is an occasional daughter caring for a parent and there are little to no men. Today I logged onto a new class I signed up for. One of the participants was a man caring for his wife. […]

How She Loves Him

After my mom did her Parkinson’s exercise class online, the group had a social time. The leader asked how everyone celebrated Valentine’s day. My mom told them about the family getting together on Zoom and opening funny cards. One of the men said his wife of 44 years wrote a list of all the reasons […]

Outside Communicating

There was a lot of outside communication going on here today. My mom had her online exercise class this morning. Part of the class was working on cognition. Today this was done through artwork. One of the leaders gave the group step by step instructions on what shape to draw where on a piece of […]

How to Wait

In studying the prophets, there are many exhortations about the demise of those not following God. At the same time, there is encouragement for the righteous. There is hope for those who walk by faith. Today I read a meditation that focused on the same topic. It quoted Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the realization of […]

When He Was Nothing

I love getting surprise mail from friends. Today I received a letter from a friend who shared with me her experiences with the books from The Chronicles of Narnia since she read that we had recently watched the movie. She told me about a child who she read the book out loud to. After getting […]

Unexpected and Encouraging

Today I received an unexpected note from a friend. But, this wasn’t just any note. It was full of joyful memories, faith, and encouragement. I was immediately brought back to happy and spiritual times with them. I was grateful and humbled that they would take the time to reach out in this way. I had […]

Spiritual and Astronomical Connection

Today a far away friend called unexpectedly. I grinned when I saw her name pop up on my phone. It has been quite a long time since we have talked. She has always been somewhat of a spiritual mentor to me as she shares her strong faith unapologetically. As we spoke, my heart was filled […]

Gone Too Long

It has been a very long time since my sister has come for a visit for various reasons – most of them due to covid concerns. She came today for a couple of hours. Even though it was difficult for my parents to hear and understand her some of the time due to masking and […]

Old Man and Old Dog

I have been taking advantage of the pick up option at the grocery store. It is easy to make the list online and schedule the time to pick up the order. I don’t even have to get out of the car – they wheel out the groceries and put them right into the trunk. I […]

More Prayer This Year

We attended Mass online again this morning and listened to an additional homily. Later in the day, my dad and I drove up to the church and dropped off the presents we bought for the “giving tree”. Even though we haven’t been able to attend Mass inside the church, we have been doing our best […]