Grandma Grandson Duet

My dad was not home tonight and I had a prayer group to attend, so my son came over to be with my mom, or “grandma sit”. My mom babysat for him when he was a toddler and even brought him to his first music lessons at that age. My son continued to pursue music […]

Loving Posture

Today in the grocery store, I stopped in the card aisle. There was a woman and a young man there too. I heard them chat a bit and when they turned around, I realized the young man had Down’s Syndrome. They made their choice and left the aisle. I found the perfect card and made […]

Next Great Photographer

Today my parents and I went to the graduation party for my nephew’s girlfriend as she received her college degree in photography. When we arrived at her parents’ home, we noticed one of her photos hanging on the wall. The beautiful picture of a person sitting by the baths in London was printed on canvas […]

Diary of Life

A friend told me today that she used to visit specific people in nursing homes – typically those who had no family or friends. When she was visiting one woman in particular, the woman said she was thinking of writing a diary, but there wouldn’t be anyone to read it. My friend said she would […]

Virtuous Friendship

Aristotle’s philosophy of friendship consisted of 3 kinds of relationships; Utility in which you are friendly to a person while they are fulfilling your need, Pleasure in which you are in a relationship as long as the other is giving you pleasure, and Virtue. The first two descriptions are a selfish kind of relationship. But […]

The Regular

As my dad and I were out and about today, we stopped at a coffee shop. There were the typical people there, a family with 2 small boys, a couple of people chatting, and a couple of others with their computers. Then an older man walked in. The barista greeted him by name. The man […]

Growing Family Relationships

My nephew came for a visit today as he was able to take some leave time from the Navy. Of course it was great to see him looking happy and healthy. Mostly I enjoyed watching his interaction with my son. They grew up for years like brothers and as they grow into young adults, their […]