Ode To My Brother

My brother took off yesterday for his next adventure. He called when he got settled into his first camping area. My dad told him how we missed him already. While he was here, my brother helped my dad coordinate and accomplish all the repairs that needed to be done at the cabin in the mountains. […]

Family Bond

My mom and dad told me all about how my brother took charge of things while I was away and the things my sisters did when they were here as well. I thought of the words I wrote yesterday. My siblings and I have the unbreakable bond of being family. While that counts for something, […]

Tangible Love

This evening I was blessed to attend the wedding of a good friend who I worked with at the church years ago. I always admired what a strong, independent woman she is and never even saw her dating during the years I knew her. So when she told me she was getting married, I was […]

Friends Lift Spirits

A friend of mine returned from travelling and I talked with her today. The main reason for going was to see an ailing friend. But, she talked to her friend’s husband who said he wasn’t sure she would be up for a visit. So, my friend was surprised when she arrived and her friend greeted […]

Living as Siblings

Tonight I had a conversation with a young man in my Bible class. He has a faith that is evident and intriguing. In the conversation he mentioned his wife. I asked how long they had been married. He said they were civilly married a couple years ago. Then he said that they had been living […]

Sister’s Silver Anniversary

My sister and her husband celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary a couple of days ago. They went to Las Vegas where they were married and spent several days relaxing and enjoying their time away. While they were there, my parents, sister, brother, and I sent them champagne and treats. We had everyone over today so […]

Voices From the Past

As my dad continues to go through the old cassette tapes, he found a bunch of recorded conversations with family members. Today he listened to an exchange between him and his brother. Much of the discussion was about family history. My dad commented that this was one of the longest conversations he had with his […]