Staying Focused

Tonight I talked with a friend who always comes up with great advice that I like to try to remember. Tonight she said, “When things become difficult, it is important to have a focus. What better focus than to do what God is calling you to do right now?” In other words, when I become […]

Not My Control

Today I read a short reflection early in the morning that I think helped me to keep my focus and not let my mind get carried away with negative thoughts. It read: “Moral of the story; we’re not in control. God is. Forget that and we’ll lose our way and our lives to fear and […]

Friends in Need

I had some time to myself today, so I got in touch with a friend. She is a very faithful woman and always upbeat. When we get together, we usually take a walk, talk, and laugh a lot. However, she had a very stressful week and just wasn’t up to doing anything. So, I picked […]

Appreciated Support

It has been a couple weeks since my mom’s procedure to replace her pacemaker and she has been doing her best to remain active without being too strenuous. Today she felt like trying out her Parkinson’s exercise class that is held live online. She moved best as she could. After the class, the group had […]

Near Normalcy

My sister came over today. I mean actually came over and in the house for a real visit. We each gave her a big hug and cried. While she stayed at the house for a long visit with my parents, I met a friend who I haven’t seen in months. We didn’t hug, bit still […]

Jesus Misses Us More

My parents and I “went to church” this morning as we have for many months now – we went downstairs, turned on the TV and decided which Mass to participate with. Now we have a home altar that we set up during Lent that remains at the corner of the TV with a cloth, candle, […]

Lunch Parade

Today as we were eating our lunch, we saw a van drive by all decorated with balloons and streamers. Behind it was another one, and another, and another. I don’t know how many there were in total. Some had messages, but I couldn’t tell what they said. As the procession turned on to the next […]

Covid-19 Cadet Commencement

My parents and I were intrigued to see what the Air Force Academy graduation would look like today, so I found it online and we watched it live. The commencement was not held in the same location on the grounds, so it looked different immediately. The stage that held the speakers including Vice President Mike […]

Proper Focus

I read a meditation today that was so fitting for life right now, I feel it needs to be shared. It is from Strength & Grace Daily Devotions and says in part: ” Despair and disappointment set in. A woe-is-me attitude prevails. How do we rise from the doldrums? How do we continue? We turn […]

Solemn Palm Sunday

It was very strange to celebrate Palm Sunday today without being in a church. Earlier this week, our pastor sent an email with times for the Holy Week Masses to be live streamed. Then they would be available to watch later as well. He also included worship aids and ideas of how to celebrate at […]