Through Suffering

Ever since I received my COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, I have had a headache. Sometimes it’s there in the background, other times it is throbbing. I was talking to my mom about it today and told her that every night when I go to bed, I think that maybe I’ll feel like myself again tomorrow. […]

Blessed Solanus Casey

Today I read a story about Blessed Solanus Casey who was a priest who served in Detroit, Michigan. He was known for helping to heal the sick and burdened through the intercession of Jesus Christ. People asked him the age old question of why God allows suffering. Fr. Solanus didn’t have an answer, but would […]

Outpouring of Encouragement

A friend whose husband has Parkinson’s had come to the difficult realization that it was time for him to be placed in a memory care facility. He kept trying to walk on his own, which he is unable to do, and was falling on a regular basis. While it was an incredibly painful decision, she […]

Importance of Humor

Today I listened to much of a Conference on dementia to see if I could pick up some more information and tips as my parents and I make our way through this period. One of the speakers worked at a memory care facility and talked about the importance of humor – keeping your sense of […]

Life is Not Mine

Over the past 3 days, my parents and I have been watching a parish retreat. The priest offered a different way of viewing sins – as wounds. Our wrongdoings certainly have an effect on us and on our souls. He led meditative prayer to ask God to heal those wounds. One thought that stuck with […]

Depth Perception

Tonight my prayer group talked about the upcoming Gospel for Sunday which is the account of the Transfiguration of Jesus. In the story, three of Jesus’ disciples witness Jesus in His glory. Then, they are overshadowed by a cloud – God – who tells them to listen to Jesus. In our discussion, we realized that […]

Changing Day

My dad had a very restless night last night and was exhausted this morning. He described the crazy thoughts, dreams, and sleep-awake cycles that kept him from getting a good night’s sleep. I felt so bad for him. This afternoon, however, we had an appointment to pick up his new hearing aid. He has been […]

Inspired by Daniel

Tonight I started reading the book of Daniel in my Bible class. Yes, we went through the famous stories of Daniel being saved as he was thrown into the lion’s den, and that of his friends being saved when they were thrown into a fiery furnace. There is more to the stories and more to […]

Surprising Commercial

We watched some of the Super Bowl today. I’m always interested in the commercials, but wasn’t too impressed. Then my ears perked up. The announcer described a chapel located in the exact middle of the country that was open 24/7 encouraging people to stop in to pray. The message of the commercial was that we […]

Grateful for Uncertainty

I read a quote today that struck me as so fitting. It puts a whole new perspective on the faith life. “When the future seems uncertain and all you see is darkness, you have something you don’t have during times of tranquility: the opportunity to trust in Jesus.” Gary Zimac from his book Stop Worrying […]