Tough Day

It was a very tough day today. My dad is doing better physically, so was transferred out of the ICU last night. When we arrived in the room, I pointed out how wonderful it was, said good night and went home. When my mom and I arrived this morning, my dad was upset. He was […]

Do Your Part

Tonight in Bible class, the teacher told a great story that shows how God is present right here and now. The other day she was working on her computer and a friend came to mind. She felt she should send her a note, but she felt she didn’t have time and tried to talk herself […]

Loving Acceptance

This morning in church, we sat in our “usual spot”. There were 5 multi generational women sitting in front of us. They seemed to be a mom with her 2 daughters in the middle and 2 grandmothers as the bookends. One daughter had special needs. She would occasionally speak out and was constantly tapping her […]

Needing Help

Today my mom needed some help getting into a website. Then she needed help plugging her tablet into the charger. She was getting a little frustrated asking for help and complained about it. My dad reassured her that she helped all of us for years and now it is ok for us to help her. […]

Back to Stylist

It has been 3 months since my mother has been to her hair stylist. The woman fell and hurt her arm a while back. It turns out she tore her rotator cuff and had to have surgery. My mom had her hair cut with my person while she was recovering and we were happy to […]

Turkey Trot Participants

Tonight on the news, there was a story about the annual “Turkey Trot” race at the nearby YMCA. I knew a couple of people running the race, so paid close attention to see if I could spot any of them. To my surprise, the news station interviewed a family that I thought I recognized. They […]

Playing Wii

It has been a long time since we played the Wii. The cold and snowy weather today kept us in, so we took the opportunity and turned on the game. I started playing and could definitely tell that I was out of practice. Then my mom got on for a while. She decided she wanted […]