Parkinson’s People

Today in my mom’s Parkinson’s exercise class, there were two new college students who will be working with them. They introduced themselves and asked the participants to do the same. Some talked about what they “used” to do. There were teachers, organization volunteers, and one who loved doing ballroom dancing. It was difficult to imagine […]

New Face

Tonight I watched the repeat of a story about a young man who received a face transplant. I had heard bits and pieces of the story that came to light in November. But tonight I learned and saw much of the story. The young man got a second chance at life after years of dealing […]

God is Still Present

Tonight I met with my “Small Church Community”. One of the men had extensive cancer surgery a few weeks ago. He and his wife were able to join the group tonight. They shared how they felt God with them during this difficult time, even as he gets ready to undergo chemotherapy. It was so good […]

Helping the Homeless Hero

The other day there was a terrible crash on the highway. I heard early on that a homeless man who was in the area sprang into action and started pulling people out of their cars before they caught on fire. He saved at least 3 people. I heard tonight that a news station started a […]

Take Them Home

Today on one of the caregiver’s groups that I belong to, people were talking about having difficulties getting their loved ones out of a nursing home. There were problems at the facilities, and the people were not able to just take their love one home. I had read stories of this happening in magazines as […]

Positive with Challenges

One of the teacher’s at my mom’s exercise class is always full of energy. I learned today that she has a child in her 20’s who has special needs, a child in junior high, and a child in first grade. Her mother in law and father in law also recently moved in with them. Her […]

Prayer Reduces Stress

The reflection from Dynamic Catholic today was perfect: “Connecting with God at moments of high stress induces divine power into a human situation. Prayer reduces stress and tension and also invites the Holy Spirit to increase self-control.”¬† ¬†Allen Hunt I Found God today in a reminder how God intervenes with prayer.