Unbelievable Race

Today my mom, sister, and I watched the Kentucky Derby. It is one of my mom’s favorite annual events. We discussed how each horse looked as they were getting ready and which one we thought would win. The result was unbelievable as the horse that wasn’t even scheduled to be in the race until yesterday […]

God Sees You

I belong to an online Catholic Caregivers group that is helpful and encouraging. Today’s post by the administrator Heidi Hess Saxton was particularly fitting. It read, “This weekend, as you know, is Mother’s Day. And as I steel myself for the inevitable protest from women who HATE the day, for any number of reasons, I […]

Radical Conversion

Last night I watched a video of an amazing conversion. The young woman at the center of the story was abused from a very young age. She told the story of how she was able to escape from her situation and how God saved her life. He did this through Christian women who were committed […]

Sharing Caring Heart

A friend and I planned on meeting for a hike this morning. I texted her and got no response. I called and got no answer. This was not like her at all, so I got a little worried and decided to just go over to her house. She called while I was on my way […]

Mutual Support

It has been a long time since I went to a caregivers group. Too long. Today I made sure I virtually attended the monthly group I belong to. It was wonderful to voice my concerns and struggles and to listen to those of the others. Mostly, it was great to be in an environment of […]

God’s Greatest Gift

A friend from out of town was here visiting family, so we made plans to get together. When I asked her what she wanted to do, she suggested we pray the Stations of the Cross, then go for coffee. We met up this afternoon at a local church and cried as soon as we saw […]


There is always something new to learn about people. I had the joy of talking with a friend for a long time today. I knew she had a rough time when she was a child, but she told me about some specific moments that were pretty traumatic. And yet, she is one of the most […]

Taking It Easy

I had a very hard time getting up this morning, even though I went to bed on time and think I slept ok. It was below freezing outside all day long, so we didn’t have anywhere to go and that was fine with me. I barely got dressed and did a little exercising with my […]

Setting My Mind Aright

I have been replaying the events of the last few weeks over and over in my head. I wonder if I could have and/or should have done something different to affect the outcome. I try to remember that I did the best I could and that God is God and I am not. Today I […]

The Great Exodus

The day after my dad’s funeral was the great exodus. I was grateful that my out of town family had stayed for 3 weeks, but it was time for everyone to make their way back home – except for one. I asked my brother if he would stay a few more days so we wouldn’t […]