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Courageous Young Mother

Today in church, the priest talked about the evil of abortion and how it seems to be pushed upon us as a society in every arena. He also discussed how good can and will overcome evil as long as there are people willing to stand up and fight for it. This reminded me of a young woman who found that she was pregnant after her relationship with her boyfriend ended. She shared with me that she was pressured to get an abortion on all sides – not surprisingly from the ex-boyfriend, but also from her own friends and people who were close to her. But she knew that she could not take the life of her child and was strong in her resolve, even though she realized how difficult it would be. She surrounded herself with people who supported her, loved her and her baby, and would help her to bring the new little child into the world. I was impressed and inspired by her courage and determination.

I Found God today in the determination of a courageous young woman.

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