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Late Night Visitor

Last night just as I was getting into bed, I heard a strange noise. It sounded like an animal or bird of some kind. I walked around my room and decided it was coming from outside. I put on my slippers, threw a blanket around my shoulders, and went upstairs. I walked around up there quietly still listening. The sound was definitely coming from outside the front door. As I opened it slowly and quietly, the sound became much more distinct. Then I saw the huge shape in the top of the large pine tree. It was an owl lit by the moonlight. It was an awesome sight and I watched for quite a while as it continued hooting. I wondered why there weren’t other people out looking as I thought it was pretty loud. At one point, I thought I would try to get a picture and went in to get my camera. When I went back out, the owl spread it’s wings and flew to the next tree. I aimed and was surprised that I could actually find the owl with the light the camera uses to pinpoint the subject. I did that a couple of times and clicked the shutter, even though it was still too dark. This clearly annoyed the owl as it started screeching. That kind of scared me and I went in. I looked it up online and listened to the recorded calls. I had definitely seen a great horned owl. As I crawled into bed, I could still hear the hooting, but it did was no longer screeching. I was glad I went in and wondered if it would come back again.

I Found God today in an exciting encounter with an owl.

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