Holy Families

I must admit, I didn’t feel much like a holy part of a family this morning. Things broke left and right and messes were made. I tried to help fix things and clean up messes, but I admit it was frustrating. Then we “went to church”. The priest reminded us that we celebrate the Feast […]

Gone Too Long

It has been a very long time since my sister has come for a visit for various reasons – most of them due to covid concerns. She came today for a couple of hours. Even though it was difficult for my parents to hear and understand her some of the time due to masking and […]

New Homeowner

My son has been thinking about buying a house for about a year and has been stashing money away. He got serious about it this summer and was determined to get out of apartment living. When he started looking at houses, those he liked were getting purchased within days, or even hours. It is a […]

Preparing the Way

Once again this year we were blessed with a beautiful day of sunshine and mild temperatures to begin decorating for Christmas. My dad and I put the lights on the bushes and bows on the lights and railing. I did some more work on the wreaths. And it seemed fitting to turn on some Christmas […]

Not Comfortable Here

In skimming my emails today, a paragraph from an advertised blog caught my eye: The world is not a very comfortable place right now. Now, it could certainly be worse (although I don’t usually find that reminder too terribly comforting); but it has also definitely been better. To say that the difficulties, tragedies, injustices, and […]

House Hunting

My sister came to visit for a couple days. She had an eye doctor appointment in this city today and thought it would be nice to enjoy some extra time here. It was perfect timing as my son has started to look for houses to buy. Because my sister was here, I was able to […]

Confident Control

My nephew and his wife made their way to his new Navy assignment last week. We were very happy when he called tonight. He has been very busy getting things in order and has started his search for a place to live. He has met with a realtor and lender in hopes of buying a […]

Wedding Bears

My nephew and his wife are in a nearby city making arrangements for his next military assignment. We had planned on meeting them and other family this evening at a park. Unfortunately, my mother is still not feeling well from her recently diagnosed diverticulitis – again. However, we were very happy that my nephew made […]


The weather outside today was just about perfect. The temperature was in the mid 70’s, there was a slight breeze, and the sky was clear and blue. About a week ago, we scheduled to have the carpets cleaned today. So, we opened all the windows and let the air flow through. The whole house feels […]

Went With the Lord

Today my parents were remembering their beloved music teacher when they were young. They attended a Catholic school and the teacher was a nun. She was basically responsible for nurturing, encouraging, and improving my mother’s natural musical talent, as well as many others who crossed her path. My mom said when the woman passed away, […]