They’re Back

Ever since our hawks – I call them “ours” because they made a nest in our tree – left last Fall, we have been wondering if they would return to the nest for mating season. I have been keeping a close eye out because this was about the time we saw them last year, but […]

Old Neighbor

We met a woman today and talked about family and past homes. As it turned out, she lived a few houses away from my parents before they moved into their current home. They were neighbors for about 7 years but never met each other at that time. We laughed about what a small world it […]

Blessed For Lent

Our new caregiver came over this morning and stayed with mom while I took my sister to a doctor’s appointment. We were gone for a short 3 hours. When we arrived back home, the caregiver had given my mom breakfast, gave her a shower and fixed her hair, did the dishes, washed and dried my […]

Empathetic Caregiver

We decided it was a good idea to hire a caregiver to come in for those times when we need a little extra help. She came for a few hours this morning. We had time to talk for a while before my mom got up. I told her my history of caring for my parents […]

Holy Family

Today my mom read in “The Word Among Us” the scripture reading Sirach 3:2-6,12-14 for the Feast of the Holy Family. Then we read the beautiful reflection that really hit home. It said in part: “On this Feast of the Holy Family, let’s consider what it means to take care of our loved ones. Of […]

Backwards Day

In a strange turn of daily events, I heard mom get up this morning, but struggled to get myself out of bed. When I finally made it upstairs, I found her doing her laundry. I just had to help her with the detergent. She did 2 loads of her laundry, took a shower, did the […]

COVID Christmas

Mom and I were blessed today despite it being a COVID Christmas. We are incredibly grateful that Mom still has pretty mild symptoms. This morning I got out the Christmas tablecloth and put away the Advent wreath to mark the change of atmosphere. We Zoomed with family and opened a couple of presents that made […]

Banished to the Basement

Today the hired caregiver came over to care for my mom while I try not to infect her with COVID and try to recover. It was very strange to be banished to the basement and listen to a complete stranger take care of my mom. Surreal and a blessing at the same time. I was […]

Quiet Rest

It has been a pretty busy week, even though we didn’t host Thanksgiving. Today we had no appointments, no visitors, no therapists. My mom was pretty happy about that. We sat out in the sunshine, worked the puzzle a bit, and enjoyed eating leftovers. We basically just took the day as it came. It was […]

Fruitful Day

It was a busy day as usual. But as I sat down tonight to write and went back over my day, I realized I accomplished an awful lot. Mom and I did our “normal” Wednesday tasks. And I even made a pumpkin cheesecake and apple pie for tomorrow. The house smells amazing. I’m looking forward […]