Trust In

Today I was happy to go for a walk at the park. This park had a couple of playgrounds for children and a large astroturf field. As I walked past one playground, a man was encouraging a toddler to climb on the structure, taking him through it step by step. The child accomplished the task […]


I thought today’s reflection from “Jesus Calling” was profound. One line really struck me as though Jesus was speaking directly to me, “The only thing that you can grasp without damaging your soul is my hand.” Just Wow. I Found God today reminded that He is the only one and only thing to hang on […]

One Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it has been one year since my dad died. In some ways it feels like forever – at other times it’s like yesterday. My mom and I have been anticipating this anniversary. I had scheduled the Mass to have him remembered today. We planned on going to church, then to lunch with […]

Only To Trust

Other than getting well and trying to trust in God, I have no resolutions for the upcoming year. This year in particular has taught me that I’m better off if I don’t anticipate or have expectations. But that’s not meant in a negative way. One quote that struck me today was by Henri Nouwen, “If […]

Trying to Recover

This morning I got up disgusted with the pile of sicky sheets and blankets on my bed. After 10 days of illness, I figured that was probably a good sign. I also figured it was probably a blessing that I can’t smell right now. So I stripped the bed and got the sheets in the […]

Exodus 14:14

In the past week or so, a certain scripture keeps popping up in different places. It also happens to be the tattoo my son has on his arm. Exodus 14:14. “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” I’m grateful for the reminder of God’s loving presence in our lives and […]


Tonight I met with my prayer group. We read and contemplated the Gospel reading for this upcoming Sunday. In the second part of the reading, Jesus is basically telling His followers not to expect accolades for doing the work that God has called them to do. We are to act on faith, love, and obedience. […]

Surrendering Trees

A friend of mine writes every day about the things she is grateful for. Her attitude of gratitude is refreshing and I look forward to reading her posts as I know I’m going to receive a beautiful outlook. The other day, she wrote a reflection on Fall: “I am grateful for the lessons the trees […]

Shia LaBeouf and Padre Pio

This evening I watched an amazing discussion with Shia LaBeouf and Bishop Robert Barron. Shia had admittedly hit rock bottom and experienced an incredible conversion when he was offered an acting roll to play St. Padre Pio. It was a very powerful video and I highly recommend it. I Found God today in an […]

Now We Wait

When my mom and I went for our walk this afternoon, we could see black smoke billowing over the mountain. We knew what was on the other side of that mountain – our cabin. My brother got up there just a few days ago and told us yesterday that he could see smoke. I kept […]