Wisdom on the Path

I participated in an online caregivers group today. I so appreciate getting to know the people more and listening to them. They all have different stories and their loved ones are in different stages of illness. Today I realized that is one of the blessings of the group. I don’t feel as alone in caregiving, […]

Old Books

Today we discovered some very old books that my dad purchased from the library. They were bound copies of magazines – most over 100 years old. My dad actually used some of them as references when he was writing his college textbook on space. We brought a couple of them down from their place at […]

About Time

When I went to my aqua aerobics class, we would have a “Theme of the Week”. The instructor would give us a topic and we would discuss it while exercising in the pool. Of course, we haven’t met in the gym for almost a year. But people are still able to stay in touch via […]

When He Was Nothing

I love getting surprise mail from friends. Today I received a letter from a friend who shared with me her experiences with the books from The Chronicles of Narnia since she read that we had recently watched the movie. She told me about a child who she read the book out loud to. After getting […]

Pray Without Ceasing

I went outside to shovel this morning and met my neighbor out there. She had already “been to church”. The message that she heard was that we can have joy in any circumstance. We may not always be “happy”, but our hearts can remain joyful if we know, love, and trust God. Of course, we […]

Online Class Struggles

Tonight when I connected online with my Bible class teacher, I noticed that the color was off from previous classes. Everything had a yellowish, greenish tint to it. She asked if everyone could see her and hear her. She explained that her computer crashed and she was working with a loaner. When she saw more […]

Computer Guys

Last week some time, my dad started having trouble getting into his email inbox on his big computer which is named the “Big Mac”. I don’t use Apple products and was of no help at all, though I tried to troubleshoot with the little knowledge I have. Both brothers are out of state, but one […]

Green Pick-up Truck

When my dad and I were walking to the mailbox today, we came upon our neighbor with her 2 year old grandson. He was adorable. He showed us the pick up truck that he was carrying and playing with. It was green – my favorite color and his daddy’s too. His vocabulary was impressive. As […]

On Task

I had a difficult time during my last semester of Bible class. When my dad had the stroke, I fell way behind. It was a marathon to get the reading and homework completed. But, with the encouragement of my teacher, I got it done. The new school year started last week. I was able to […]

School Starts

My grandchildren started school today. Well, virtually. The token first day of school photos were taken in the house. The youngest one even wore her backpack. The oldest started his senior year of high school. As the school is still getting the schedules in order, all he had was home room and was off for […]