Being Silent

I have been reading the book of Sirach which is jammed packed with practical wisdom and advice on daily living. It is interesting how thousands of years go by since this was written and it applies to us here and now. I guess we human beings haven’t come as far as we would like to […]

All Of Me

As I thought more about my big birthday and what I wrote yesterday, I realized that while it is important to take good care of my body, it is equally as important to care for the rest of me. We talk about the human person being made up of body, mind, and soul. I would […]

Knowledgeable and Thoughtful

Not too long ago I received notice from my mobile carrier that they would no longer be supporting my phone. I didn’t want to get a new phone. To me it’s so hard learning how to work a new one. But, I had to. My brother offered me to join his service. Since I was […]

Small Groups

I had my online Bible class tonight. When we met in person for the first 2 years, we met in small groups for the first half hour discussing the homework. As we talked, people shared their faith experiences as well. Last year was online and completely lecture based with no small groups at all. This […]

Mr. Fix-it

My brother in law has numerous amazing talents and skills. I am always in awe of what he does around his farm – everything from building the taj-ma-coop for the chickens to maintaining the dirt road for him and the other 9 property owners. In the past couple of weeks he has done some things […]

Amazing Astronomy

We talked to my brother on Facetime tonight. He showed us a recent photo of the M95 galaxy that he took with his fancy new equipment. Unexpectedly, he also caught a moving object. Through the incredible technology that we have and much research, he discovered that it was an asteroid located in the asteroid belt […]

Looking Back

Tonight I decided to go back and copy some of my past posts. First of all, I can’t believe I have been writing just about every night for 8 years – including the 2 years I wrote for the church I worked for which is how this whole thing started. There were plenty of memories […]

Wisdom on the Path

I participated in an online caregivers group today. I so appreciate getting to know the people more and listening to them. They all have different stories and their loved ones are in different stages of illness. Today I realized that is one of the blessings of the group. I don’t feel as alone in caregiving, […]

Old Books

Today we discovered some very old books that my dad purchased from the library. They were bound copies of magazines – most over 100 years old. My dad actually used some of them as references when he was writing his college textbook on space. We brought a couple of them down from their place at […]

About Time

When I went to my aqua aerobics class, we would have a “Theme of the Week”. The instructor would give us a topic and we would discuss it while exercising in the pool. Of course, we haven’t met in the gym for almost a year. But people are still able to stay in touch via […]