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Back From Mission

Our neighbor’s returned from their mission trip in Ecuador. My mom, sister’s, and I helped get some of the materials ready for the English Bible Camp before they left. We have been praying for them every day. I received an email from the wife today. She thanked us for the help, the prayers and said it was a very successful time. The school that hosted the camp is supported by a local Christian church. The camp boosted the school’s English immersion program they plan to begin in the Fall. And 5 of the high school youth made a decision to become Christian. Unfortunately, her husband became quite ill as they made their way back home. So, we will continue praying for him. She included photos of the camp in her email. Some were pictures of the kids working with the materials that we prepared. They had big smiles and it was fun to see that the little bit of help we gave made a difference for them.

I Found God today realizing a small amount of help can make a big difference.

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