Art Spirituality

My artistic sister signed up for some online art courses. She put one on tonight as she sat down to unwind after a full day of working on the computer. I listened and watched a bit. Before the instructor started teaching how to watercolor the “Butterfly Queen”, she introduced herself. She explained that her hands […]

Mission Trip Stories

Today we went to our neighbor’s house for a visit and lunch. While we were there, they showed us the video of the mission trip they just returned from in Ecuador. They always have great stories to tell about their trips and the impact the Bible/English Camp has on the participants and their families. One […]

Back From Mission

Our neighbor’s returned from their mission trip in Ecuador. My mom, sister’s, and I helped get some of the materials ready for the English Bible Camp before they left. We have been praying for them every day. I received an email from the wife today. She thanked us for the help, the prayers and said […]

I Did It

At Mass 4 years ago, I heard an invitation from the Biblical School to attend an informational meeting. I decided to go. As I was listening to the course outline, my heart was “burning within me”. Even though it was 4 years of classes, I knew it was something I should do. I didn’t know […]

Circuit Boards

My mom has a hard time listening to music. I feel bad that it just doesn’t sound good to her, especially since that has been such an important part of her life. Today my brother took apart the old receiver and cleaned it to help it get a better sound. I looked inside it and […]

NASA Overload

In 1989, my dad published the first edition of his text book, “Introduction to Space: The Science of Space Flight”. At that time he was teaching at the local college and was unable to find an adequate text book on the topic. So he wrote his own and taught the course. He updated the book […]

All About Physics

My parents didn’t sleep well last night, so my dad was pretty tired this morning and not really looking forward to his appointment with the Home Health Care Occupational Therapist. She was to evaluate the progress my dad made and discharge him from that area. But when she arrived, my dad perked up a little. […]

Found Flag Football

I went for a good long walk today that took me through the nearby park. During the week, the place is pretty uninhabited except for an occasional adult with children on the playground. As I neared the park, I saw that the parking lot was completely full and vehicles were parked along the busy street […]

Introduction to Space

After my dad retired from the Air Force, he started teaching at the community college – mostly sciences. Being a meteorologist led to his love of space. He wanted to teach a course in the subject, but found a lack of resources. So, he compiled his research and wrote a college textbook. He met a […]

Apollo 11 Anniversary

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission when the first men walked on the moon. It is also my grandson’s 12th birthday. We decided to celebrate both. My mom thought it was a good idea to visit our local Space Discover Center to find space things to send my grandson. We went […]