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Art Spirituality

My artistic sister signed up for some online art courses. She put one on tonight as she sat down to unwind after a full day of working on the computer. I listened and watched a bit. Before the instructor started teaching how to watercolor the “Butterfly Queen”, she introduced herself. She explained that her hands were very twisted and crooked because she had rheumatoid arthritis. But it didn’t bother her, or stop her from doing what she loved. She just found ways to work with her hands. I could very much identify with her. I have always had to find different ways to do things because my hands in particular don’t move the way other’s do. The teacher said it was actually therapeutic for her to draw and paint, not only physically, but spiritually. She said her goal was to help everyone enjoy creating. She stressed the importance of the process and encouraged the students to take some time in meditation before starting the project. The instructor was truly a beautiful soul and I was glad I got to listen to her.

I Found God today in a spiritual and encouraging art teacher.

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