Dog Hero

A couple of weeks ago, my friend’s mother had to be taken to the hospital. My friend lives with her mom and said she knew there was something the matter by the way her dog was behaving. He usually sleeps in my friend’s room in the lower level of the house, while her mother is on the upper level. That night, he wouldn’t leave her mother’s side. My friend stayed up and with her until it became obvious that she was in distress and called 911. Had the dog cooperated and gone to bed, my friend may not have been aware of the severity of her mother’s illness. My friend ordered a special tag for her dog on Etsy with his picture on one side and on the other was the testimony of him saving his grandmother’s life. The person who created the tag also included a special heart charm for my friend’s mother who was very touched by the whole thing.

I Found God today in a dog hero.

2 comments on “Dog Hero

  1. That’s why I love dogs (except for a couple of breeds!)


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