Praying With the Pope

The other day I learned that Pope Francis was offering a special blessing to those who would join in praying with him for an end to the pandemic. I found that EWTN would be airing the event, so my parents and I watched and participated from the living room. It was surreal to see Pope […]

Best Case Timing

Today my parents, brother, and I were talking about haircuts. I figured I could try to give my mom a haircut when it gets too long, but that didn’t go over too well. My dad chimed in that he was very happy he and my brother made it to their spa day before everything shut […]

Spider Bite

My sister has been feeling just terrible for over a week now. It all started when she discovered a spider bite that appeared to be infected. She made a trip to the hospital where they took care of it, took some tests, and gave her antibiotics. Two days later she came down with a high […]

Prayers Matter

Yesterday a friend told me that her mother was admitted to the hospital in a potential stroke prevention situation. She asked for prayers and tons of friends responded to her plea. After spending the night and going through additional testing, her mom was discharged and sent home tonight. That was great news. I Found God […]

Pretty Lucky

Today I did more reading and research about stroke recovery. I weeded through all the material to find information that was specific to my dad’s symptoms. As I did so, I realized again just how lucky he is. A stroke can leave a person so incapacitated. Though my dad is struggling through, I’m incredibly grateful […]

Prompted to Pray

My mom’s friend came to visit today, play the piano, and have lunch as they do on Tuesdays. My brother visited my dad this morning, so it was nice to have some normalcy. In our conversations, we talked about how God makes us aware of His Presence in so many circumstances. My mom’s friend receives […]

Spiritual Food Arrived

Yesterday my dad was wondering if the TV in his room had EWTN so he could watch Mass today. I reviewed the list and it did not. However, we do have the capability of recording programs on the system at the house. I found how to work it on my computer pad and recorded today’s […]