Vaccine Number Two

I had my 2nd COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. I was grateful that I felt pretty good during the day to celebrate with my parents. However, last night was another story. I started running a fever and my body ached. I didn’t sleep much, even though I tried everything I could think of. I prayed a rosary, […]

Vaccine Fatigue

Not too long after receiving my COVID-19 vaccine yesterday, my stomach starting feeling unsettled. It does that often, so I wasn’t sure if it was because of the shot, or the stress of the event, or something I ate. My shoulder started feeling pretty sore as well, so I moved it around a lot as […]

Better by Night

I could see in my mother this morning that she wasn’t feeling well. She said she hurt all over, felt weak, and had an upset stomach. She has good days and bad days, but usually her bad days don’t include all of those symptoms. I was hoping it was nothing serious and after assessing the […]

His Love Testimony

Most of the caregiver groups I participate in are comprised of wives taking care of their husbands. There is an occasional daughter caring for a parent and there are little to no men. Today I logged onto a new class I signed up for. One of the participants was a man caring for his wife. […]

Safe Delivery

A young woman I know was super excited to be expecting a baby in February. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Covid earlier this month. She was pretty ill and the baby was experiencing distress. We started praying to Our Lady of Lourdes. The young woman was able to recover enough to deliver the baby. He […]

Covid Scare

A few days ago, my son told me he was home sick with a fever and congestion. He seems to always get sick around this time of year with the same kind of thing, but to be safe and responsible he got a Covid-19 test that day. I had just been with him 2 days […]

Recovering From the Virus

A friend of mine has been really struggling lately for lots of different reasons. And last week she was tested positive for coronavirus. Needless to say I was very worried about her. I and many other people started praying very hard for her. I actually used words similar to, “God, please give her a break.” […]

Back on the Upswing

My mom had a big day today. Over the past 3 weeks she has been struggling with diverticulitis and digestive issues. We have been back and forth with fluxuating fevers, diet changes, adding antibiotics, and 4 doctors appointments. The good thing is she went through it all without being hospitalized. Now things appear to be […]

Faithful Family

Both my mom and dad went to a doctor today. One was planned, one was unexpected. Luckily, one of my sister’s was able to come and help. She took my dad while I took my mom. Happily, we all reconvened for lunch. Everyone is home tonight and doing well with instructions to follow up. My […]

Masks Do Help

About 10 days ago, my brother found out that a couple who he works with contracted coronavirus. Working in a store, they all come in contact with hundreds of people every day. Of course, there is a mask policy. However, the man who caught the virus wore a mask similar to a bandana that was […]