Friends Lift Spirits

A friend of mine returned from travelling and I talked with her today. The main reason for going was to see an ailing friend. But, she talked to her friend’s husband who said he wasn’t sure she would be up for a visit. So, my friend was surprised when she arrived and her friend greeted […]

Back to Class Again

After 2 months of recovering from her latest bout of diverticulitis, my mom finally made it back to her Parkinson’s exercise class. Everyone there was so happy to her. She took things at her own pace, but kept going for the whole hour. One more time, she amazes me. I Found God today as my […]

My Ninja Warrior

My mom has been striving to recover from her recent episode of diverticulitis. Today one of my parents’ friends from the cabin was getting the “old gang” together for lunch. We talked about going, but my mom was not sure how she was going to feel. This morning, she still wasn’t feeling great when she […]

Affording the Cure

A couple of days ago on the news, there was a heart-wrenching story about a baby who had a rare disease. There is actually a one time treatment for it that practically cures the illness. Without it, the poor little girl did not even the capacity to breath on her own. The mother was doing […]

Progressive Prayers

I met with a group of friends from the church last night and the topic for discussion led to prayer. We talked about how we pray differently at different times – to God the Father, Jesus the Son, or the Holy Spirit, or we may ask for intercession from the Blessed Mother Mary or from […]

Effective Prayers

Our neighbor has been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks now. We have had her husband over a couple of times for dinner and good conversation. We have also been praying for her. Last night my mom got out the prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes and the holy water. We said the prayer […]

So Far, So Good

A friend of mine received his first chemotherapy treatment a couple days ago. I visited with him tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see how well he was feeling. He looked good and was energetic. He even played a few rounds of golf with his son this morning. I had shared a bottle of Lourdes […]