A couple of days ago, my friend’s mom completed her cancer treatments. My friend shared a video of her ringing the bell. It was too cute. Today, I met with my prayer group. One of the men found out that he had cancer several months ago. He declined treatment as the doctors couldn’t promise him […]

Looking Good

My friend’s mom has been undergoing chemotherapy for a couple of months, but doing fairly well. She came out to dinner tonight with a group of friends. It was good to see her functioning and visiting. It was tiring for her, but she did great. I Found God today seeing my friend’s mom who is […]

Feeling Better

I had a bit of a stomach bug for a couple of days and didn’t have much energy. I was grateful to be feeling better and able to get some things accomplished today. I Found God feeling better.

Loving Relationships

My mom’s friend came over today as usual. She told us about their mutual friend who she has been visiting in a nursing home. She described how their friend has been declining and is in a bad way. Her husband died a few years ago. She is estranged from her daughter and her son who […]

Buying Groceries

Since I got sick with COVID before Christmas, I have been ordering groceries as I didn’t have the energy to do the shopping in the store. Today I decided to give it a try. I went with a short list which was mostly produce. I actually enjoyed looking over the fresh fruits and veggies and […]


It was a warmish sunny day today and I was happy to be able to get out. A friend of mine was suffering with shingles at the same time I had COVID. We both were feeling better, so I went to her house for lunch. It was wonderful to catch up. We shared our struggles […]

Hospital Blessings

A friend’s mother is in the hospital awaiting a biopsy on a mass the doctors found. Today a woman prayed over her mom. And when my friend arrived to see her today, a priest came in for a visit. He anointed her mom and they were both able to receive Holy Communion. It gave them […]

Still Needed Rest

I was looking forward to feeling better and having more energy today. Unfortunately, a migraine knocked me back down. After a 2 hour nap, I started feeling better. I was so grateful that my sister is here taking care of things so I can rest when I need to. I Found God today in my […]

God Said Rest

It was a beautiful sunny day today, so mom and I sat outside for a while determined to get some of that healing vitamin D. After a few minutes, our neighbor came out to his porch too. He has a bad respiratory infection and had the same idea of getting good air and sunshine. We […]

Dog Hero

A couple of weeks ago, my friend’s mother had to be taken to the hospital. My friend lives with her mom and said she knew there was something the matter by the way her dog was behaving. He usually sleeps in my friend’s room in the lower level of the house, while her mother is […]