Hero of the Day

My brother took his dog on a long walk this afternoon as usual. But when he returned he had a story to tell. While they were walking, they were approached by a large black lab who was alone – no person, no leash. At first my brother tried to shoo the dog away as he […]

Purple Booties

Knowing that it was going to be very frigid weather here, my brother got some purple rubber booties to protect his dog’s paws. This morning he got her all layered up with a shirt, coat, and the new purple booties. Before they headed out, she walked all around lifting her feet way up off the […]

Healing Dog

A while ago, we noticed that my brother’s dog had a funny lump on her back that seemed to be getting bigger. My brother took her to the vet who said it looked suspicious and should come off. She had surgery last week which left about a 6″ wound on her back. We have been […]

Puppy Love

A friend of mine loves her pets – especially her dogs. They are actually more than pets. They are companions. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, her dog suddenly showed signs of being unwell. She took her to the emergency vet who kept her and did what they could to treat her. Shockingly, the next day […]

Double Happy Dance

My brother was getting ready to take his dog for a walk this evening and invited my mom to go along. When they returned, they said that one of the neighbors was outside so they stopped to chat a bit. The woman’s husband died a few months ago and she said she was getting along. […]

Music Soothes the Soul

My brother’s dog is terrified of thunder. Unfortunately, we have been getting thunderstorms every afternoon recently. Today she came down in my room with me and shivered as I tried to soothe her. I put on some relaxing classical music which seemed to help. After a while, my brother tried to get her to take […]

Playing Police

It has been super windy outside, but it calmed down enough this evening to take a decent walk. As I passed a park, I saw a police car parked in the adjacent empty parking lot. I saw the police officer out of the car and then spotted a dog running towards him. I saw K9 […]

Safe During the Storm

My brother has been traveling all around the country and Canada with his trailer and his dog. He has been staying at various campgrounds and moving on a whim. He has been staying at a particular place for over a week. It was crowded over the holiday weekend, but recently everyone moved out and he has […]

Oh! Canada! — Rover Travels

Tom and I finally made it into Canada! We hooked up our den-on-wheels early in the morning and reached the border around lunchtime. There was another one of those little roadside dens on the other side. We’ve been seeing these tiny dens right along the road all the time since we reached the Atlantic Ocean […] […]

Perfect Timing

A couple of days ago as I was out walking, one of the neighbors came out with his cute tiny white poodle. She is not quite a year old and full of enthusiasm. She was very excited to meet me and as soon as I started petting her, she rolled over on her back so […]