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Dog Fun

Tonight we took care of my son’s dog for the evening while he went out and about. She’s so soft and furry to pet, which of course she loved. We had fun watching her antics as she pulled out the toys she wanted. She found a tennis ball and we tried to play catch. When she didn’t catch it, she would growl and vocalize in her Husky voice. I made her a brain game I had seen. I rolled up some of her kibble in some towels, tied them together and gave it to her. She wasn’t sure what to do at first, so I put some of the food loosely inside and showed it to her. Then she got the idea. She got them untied pretty quickly and shook the towels so the kibble came out. It kept her quite busy and us quite entertained. She was a wonderful, joyful change of pace.

I Found God today having fun with a dog.

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