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Perspective Lifter

The meditation for today in “Jesus Calling” was very interesting. The first sentence was, “Welcome problems as perspective-lifters.” The idea was that we so easily and happily live in the mundane and hum-drum of every day life, but we are made for more. As much as we balk at “problems” or anything that challenges our routines or ideas, they give us an opportunity to see life from a different angle. But, we must be open to that. If we don’t simply react to a potential problem, we have choices. We can get angry, frustrated, feel victimized, slip into self-pity, bringing ourselves down. Or we can find ways to improve our situation and work around the issue, lifting our sense of being. This requires patience and the ability to listen. Ultimately, we should listen to God through prayer who can lead us by the Holy Spirit to the ultimate outcome which He has already planned for us. Even working through small problems can leave us feeling more accomplished, joyful, and peaceful.

I Found God today in a perspective lifter.

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