Jeremiah’s Voice

I am excited to start another year of Biblical School tomorrow. The classes will be all online, so that will make it helpful for me anyways. Today I listened to a pre-class lecture introducing the prophets. The woman who gave the talk will be my teacher this year. She said that Jeremiah is her favorite […]

God’s Day

It was a rough night last night with not much sleep. My parents got up with many worries on their minds. After breakfast we said some prayers, including my favorite to Our Lady of Lourdes. When we finished, we decided that we had left our upcoming day in God’s hands and that nothing would happen […]

Plan Worked

Last week, my dad had a fairly large cancer spot removed from his arm. Despite the very ugly bruise, the wound healed very well. This morning he had the appointment to have the stitches taken out. My mom’s Parkinson’s exercise class was held online about the same time. I signed into that and got her […]

Dessert For Lunch

Today was another great day with my son, daughter in law, and grandchildren. We headed up north to view the beautiful fall foliage, but quickly got into traffic with the other hundreds – maybe thousands – of people who had the same desire. We decided to change course and landed at a favorite ice cream/sweets […]

Sharing Errands

This morning I asked my parents what they wanted to do or get done. My dad had some errands to run and so did my mom. My brother who is here also had some things he wanted to accomplish. So, my brother took my dad with him and I took my mom with me. We […]

Unique Marvel

Tonight, my mom read a quote from Pablo Casals. It read in part, ” . . . You are a marvel. You are unique. In all the years that have passed, there has never been another child like you. . . . And when you grow up, can you then harm another who is, like […]

Remembering When

When things are not going as well as I would like them to be, it is easy to become discouraged. I can easily forget all the blessings, kindness, and gentleness the Lord has shown me. Today I read a meditation that talked about remembering. I took a few minutes after reading to purposefully think about […]

God’s Greater Plan

I read a beautiful thought that stayed with me today: “Regardless of the best plan you can put together for yourself with the greatest of your imagination, God has something much greater planned. If only you will surrender.” I Found God today in a reminder of the wonderful plan He has for our lives.

Serving Humility

I love baking and I feel like I’m pretty good at it. People seem to really enjoy the treats I make. So, when a couple I know were celebrating their wedding anniversary and hosting a dinner, I offered to make dessert. Unfortunately, I had a very hard time and the cupcakes turned out very dense. […]

Tried To Say No

Tonight at my bible class, every person in my small group had a story about how they tried to avoid what God was calling them to do. Each one of us had an experience in which we knew God was asking us to do something. But fear or feeling inadequate made us turn in the […]