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Switching Prayers

The other day I talked with a young woman I know who is expecting her first baby soon. She found a lump a few weeks ago and ended up having a tumor removed. Needless to say, she was pretty worried about it being cancerous and the doctors seemed to be taking a long time in […]

A Thoughtful Note

A while back a young couple I know visited the state and we were able to get together for dinner. I received a note from them in the mail today. Each of them took the time to write a short paragraph. It seems like handwritten notes sent in the mail are not very common. So, […]

Text From God

While I was so happy to spend time with my son and his family, the very short trip was more stressful than I anticipated, physically, mentally, and emotionally. You see, my previous husband got married during that time. I really tried to be OK, but it was difficult. It brought back memories, some anger, and […]

Sickly Homecoming

Today ended my short visit and I flew back home. When my first plane landed, all of a sudden I started sneezing uncontrollably. My eyes watered and my nose started running. I was glad it was at the end of the flight and that I had a lengthy layover so I could try to get […]

Good Grandson Time

I stayed with my son during my short trip and while I was there, he started getting a leak in his basement. This put a damper on things somewhat – literally. But, we still went to lunch with friends and family to celebrate the Confirmation. I enjoyed visiting with my daughter-in-law’s sister and mother. Later […]

Grandson’s Confirmation

The main reason for my trip was to attend my grandson’s Confirmation. After getting in late last night, I was up early this morning for the celebration. It was beautiful, of course, and I prayed the Holy Spirit really become a part of the lives of the young people who received the Sacrament. The bishop […]

Experiencing Genesis

Today I flew across the country to begin a quick visit. On the second leg of my flight, a very nice young man sat beside me. We chatted a bit, and I learned that he used to work across the street from one of the landmarks in the town I used to live in. He […]

Feeling Fortunate

It has been quite hazy here due to wild fires in nearby states. But, today the sky was clear with not a cloud during the entire day. We made a trip up to the cabin and it was just gorgeous. Some of the leaves had just started to turn and with the backdrop of the […]

Better Late Than Never

I had let my e-mails get all backed up, so I sat down at the computer today determined to plow through them. I have signed up on a novena website¬†that sends the prayers each of the nine days for certain novenas. There were several days still sitting in my inbox. The purpose of a novena […]

People of Influence

We watched the finale of “America Ninja Warrior” last night. Some of the show’s appeal is how they highlight the way the contestants influence those around them and how others have influenced them. When my mom got up this morning, she said she had dreams all night long. She wanted to remember them to tell […]