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Experiencing Genesis

Today I flew across the country to begin a quick visit. On the second leg of my flight, a very nice young man sat beside me. We chatted a bit, and I learned that he used to work across the street from one of the landmarks in the town I used to live in. He actually graduated from the same high school as my son, but a couple of years later. It is amazing how easy it is to find connections with another person. After a while, I decided to do the homework for the new Bible class that I’m taking. I got out my computer and started answering the questions about the story of Creation in Genesis. I talked about how God filled the void with water, land, sky, and stars. I looked out the window and got a whole new perspective of that story. We were flying over water, but I could see the land in the distance. I could even see the curvature of the earth. The sun was setting and the sky went from yellow where it touched the earth to orange to blues that got darker and darker. At just about eye level, the crescent moon shone in the black night along with several stars. It was breath-taking as I contemplated all that I had just read. I felt like I needed to share my moment, so I tapped the young man next to me who had on his head phones. I showed him the sunset and he agreed that it was beautiful. I told him about my Bible study and how I looked out the window and saw exactly what I was reading. He said that he doesn’t always appreciate the view. We chatted a bit more and I thanked him for sharing my moment before he put his headphones back on. I thanked God for this little gift.

I Found God today in experiencing God’s creation just as I had read it.

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