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People of Influence

We watched the finale of “America Ninja Warrior” last night. Some of the show’s appeal is how they highlight the way the contestants influence those around them and how others have influenced them. When my mom got up this morning, she said she had dreams all night long. She wanted to remember them to tell us, but she could only remember one. It was about a particular nun who had the biggest influence on her life. The nun was a teacher who encouraged my mom to pursue her passion and talent for music. She made such an impact on my mom, that my mom changed schools to study under her. From time to time during the day, I also thought about those who have made a difference in my life. I was able to pick out specific times when a certain person helped lead me a certain direction. I feel blessed to have had those people in my life – just as my mom was – and the ninja warriors.

I Found God today in people who have influenced my life.

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