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Sickly Homecoming

Today ended my short visit and I flew back home. When my first plane landed, all of a sudden I started sneezing uncontrollably. My eyes watered and my nose started running. I was glad it was at the end of the flight and that I had a lengthy layover so I could try to get things under control. I ate a delicious salad, took a decongestant, drank 2 giant water bottles, took a powdered vitamin C packet, and bought 3 packets of tissues. I was prepared. It all actually worked pretty well. I slept most of the next flight and only had a to blow a couple of times. When I got home, I was so grateful that my sister was still there. She gave me a report on the weekend with my parents. I didn’t want to touch too much and spread germs, so she handled dinner, dishes, and medication. I was just so happy to be home safe as I crawled into bed.

I Found God today in my sister’s care.

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