Back Home

Today my son and I picked up my other son and his family from the airport. We needed 2 cars to fit everyone. The drive to the airport was not bad as it was nice and early. There were more people on the highway on the way back, but traffic was still moving so it […]

More Missions

Our friends returned from yet another mission trip and stopped by today. This time they visited Turkey and Albania. They had stories to tell like always. But what fascinated me the most was the biblical history of the place. They met a man in Turkey who gave tours of the area including cities such as […]


After my son’s family found out that his wife’s mother died, his wife and oldest son flew back East to be with the rest of her family. The younger two children stayed and finished up their school year this week. This morning I took my son and the two kids to the airport so they […]

Airport Blessings

I talked with a far away friend today who traveled over the weekend. She was a little nervous after not flying for over 27 years. She told me how she was struggling to figure out how to get from the airport to the hotel. She prayed right then and there and God helped her through […]

Uplifting Weekend

About 35 years ago I started working a 5 year stent at Target. During that time, I became good friends with many of my coworkers. We would get together, celebrate milestones, camp, and even travel together. We had a lot of fun, but also had serious life conversations. From early on, we always called one […]

Difficult Travel

My son and his family took a trip last week to visit friends and family that they left last summer when they moved here. It’s always a challenge to travel almost coast to coast, even more so with three children. Their return trip proved to be as difficult. The first flight of two was delayed. […]

Go Up

Today I went to a grief support group. We were to tell about one of the things we loved the most about our loved one who died. I always loved how my dad took us on adventures. Even though I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since I was 4 and couldn’t physically participate well, my dad […]

Safe Travels For All

My brother had intended on making a trip here last month, but then we had the big COVID scare. So he made arrangements to come for a few days this week. He started out his 2 day drive yesterday. He came upon a winter storm, but it was just a little snow. Today, however, there […]

Finally Home

I was supposed to fly back home last night. However, I got stuck in the airlines big “computer issues” and I didn’t make it. When I talked to the attendant to rebook she said there was one seat left for flights that she could put me on leaving this morning. I took it. Little did […]

Energy and Laughter

I am so blessed to have siblings who came to stay at the house for a couple of days so I could take a trip to see my grandchildren. Travelling was somewhat different only in the fact that everyone wore masks. Other than that, the airports and flights were jam packed. I was glad my […]