And He’s Off

I woke up today, and he was gone – my brother that is. I told him I would be in denial until the day I woke up and he was gone. That was today. He was offered a job in Yellowstone at one of the gift shops that will be opening soon. He has been […]

Virtually Together

This Christmas was a little smaller and quieter than those in the past few years. One of my brothers’ was staying in a warmer location and the other one was sick and didn’t come here as he usually does. My nephew and his girlfriend were also unable to be here on this day. So, we […]

Didn’t Make It

My brother called this morning to say that some of his symptoms acted up and he was feeling pretty bad. Unfortunately, it would not be good for him to travel. So, sadly, he cancelled his flight. We will really miss him for Christmas. But, it seems that once again God knew what He was doing, […]

Help From Afar

As my brother has been travelling, he has been writing a blog about his experiences from his dog’s point of view. He has actually connected with people in real life through this blog. When he arrived at his first campsite the other day, unfortunately he found a problem with the water system in his trailer. […]

Back to Lifestyle

I spent the past week visiting many people and spending time with my far away family. For some reason, I was very aware of all the different lifestyles. There were newlyweds, single people living on their own, young couples with babies, parents helping their kids with their kids, parents helping their parents, those flourishing in […]

Angel of the Intersection

There was a big rainstorm here this afternoon and I got a notice that a certain intersection was flooded. My dad said he remembered that my mom had some incidents in that same intersection. Many, many years ago, my mom had all 5 of us kids in the car and had gone to the grocery […]

Signed Up for the Trip

For the past month or so, my brother has been talking about potentially going to Mexico for part of the winter. A couple of weeks ago, he found that a group of RV people were planning a caravan type trip in the same area that he wanted to go and about the same time. He […]