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Taking Flight

We have so much enjoyed watching the pair of Red-Tailed Hawks over the past few months as they built their nest on the tall pine tree in our yard and raised a single chick. During the last few weeks, the fledgling has grown considerably and we can see the difference in it every day. It has been losing it’s downy white feathers and growing in the more brown and tan colors of it’s parents. Last week it started hop/flying around the tree branches. One particular day, it was on the very top of the tree and spread it’s wings wide as a storm blew in. It obviously liked the feeling of the wind beneath it’s wings. The wind picked up and got pretty hectic and at one point, it looked like the baby was hanging on by one toe – or talon. It quickly went back down into the nest. I knew it would be flying soon. Yesterday evening we had another thunderstorm roll in with quite a bit of rain. Our neighbors called to say that the fledgling was on the roof of our house. I went out with the camera and there it was, perched on the roof, absolutely drenched. I went inside to bring my mom out, but the bird was gone by the time we came back out. Today I saw the baby fly from one tree to the other, then again in a big circle around the tree and back up to the top. I understand it will stay close to home for a couple more weeks. It is truly an amazing gift to have this family right here where we can watch them all day and appreciate the wonders of nature up close.

I Found God today in a growing baby hawk.

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