Keep Laughing

Communicating around here can be difficult with the hearing loss both my mom and dad experience. Also, with my mom’s Parkinson’s disease, her voice has become very quiet and she has to work hard to speak in her “loud voice”. Many times during the day there are repeated phrases, misunderstandings, and dare I say yelling. […]

Food Experiment Day

Every week we go to lunch with my mom’s friend. Today we went to one of our favorite spots. My brother got a new salad that he had been meaning to try and loved it. My mom got a sandwich on a different kind of bread than usual and she was very happy with it. […]

Beat Those Stairs

We watched one of our favorite shows tonight – America Ninja Warrior. We love the stories and get excited watching the competitors beat the odds. After the show, my mom walked up the stairs with one foot at a time instead of two feet on each step. When she reached the top, she cheered and […]

A Different Store

Amazingly, there was nothing on the calendar for today, so my mom decided she wanted to go shopping. She has been wanting to get some new sunglasses for quite some time now. As I thought about a place that would sell a decent product for less than the specialty store, I remembered I had seen […]

Into the Font

Our “place” in church is near the entrance, just past the doors, near the Baptismal font. The rows of chairs there are easy to get in and out of and are more comfortable for my mom than the pews a few rows further up. The font is a quite elaborate 2 tiered large fountain. The […]

Uncle Sam Bank

A couple of months ago when I was visiting my son, I spent some time with my grandson who was doing his American history homework. In the book, there was a picture of a bank I used to have when I was a kid. It was in the form of a statue of Uncle Sam. […]

Entertaining Jays

We made a trip up to the cabin today and put out the bird feeders as soon as we arrived. The first to notice were two Stellar’s Jays. They are really too big for the feeders and usually clean up the ground after the smaller birds. But they must have been hungry, because they were […]