Spike Jones

My sister has been cleaning out her storage closet and brought over some records that she had packed up. I remembered listening to many of them in the home when I was a child. Tonight we put on Spike Jones. The comedian was poking fun at the “new High Fidelity” technology. It was nostalgic and […]

All Wound Up

This afternoon on family Zoom, my granddaughter was all wound up. She logged in on her own laptop that she uses for her Kindergarten classes. First she was lying down and said she was dancing. We encouraged her to stand up and dance. She obliged and I danced along as we went through several different […]

Animal Fair

My dad often has a song running through his head first thing in the morning and sings it for us. Today it was the Animal Fair:“I went to the animal fair,The birds and the beasts were there.The big baboon by the light of the moon was combing his auburn hair.The monkey, he got drunk,And sat […]

Importance of Humor

Today I listened to much of a Conference on dementia to see if I could pick up some more information and tips as my parents and I make our way through this period. One of the speakers worked at a memory care facility and talked about the importance of humor – keeping your sense of […]

How She Loves Him

After my mom did her Parkinson’s exercise class online, the group had a social time. The leader asked how everyone celebrated Valentine’s day. My mom told them about the family getting together on Zoom and opening funny cards. One of the men said his wife of 44 years wrote a list of all the reasons […]


Today my sister shared a funny story with me that was in the newspaper. A woman who was normally mild-mannered found herself to be a germophobic lunatic. She described her experience needing to purchase a vehicle in the middle of a pandemic. It was hysterical. It was likely more hilarious because I could so identify […]

Christian Horse

When I was sitting outside this afternoon, I could hear my mom telling jokes to my dad in the house. Then they would laugh and laugh. At dinner, my mom tried to remember one that she wanted to tell to me. They both tried to remember the details, but couldn’t, so after dinner my mom […]

Named Second Chance

One of the men in my prayer group has been battling cancer and the effects of treatments for over a year now. He was hospitalized recently once again. We had our prayer group tonight and it was a pleasant surprise to see him participate. We looked at the upcoming Gospel for this Sunday. It tells […]

Humor Me

My mom’s friend came over today and brought along a couple pages of funny puns. There were several eye-rollers, but all of them made us laugh. Here is one of my favorites, “I changed my iPad’s name to Titanic. It’s syncing now.” Laughter really does feel good. I Found God today in laughter.


My dad often comes to breakfast with a song in his head from many, many years ago in his youth. Today, one popped into my head that I learned as a child. It seemed to come out of nowhere. It was, “Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kid’ll […]