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Extreme Coffee Experience

My mom had her final physical therapy appointment this morning. She has had another amazing recovery in 4 weeks from a very painful episode of sciatica and bursitis. As we have driven back and forth, we noticed a particular drive through coffee shop always had a huge line. We thought we should try the drinks there some day. Then we thought what better day than today. Surprisingly, when we drove in, there were no other cars. We pulled straight up to the window and told the young woman this was our first time visiting the place. She cheered and told the other 3 young people in the shop who also cheered. We placed our order after some discussion about what it was that we actually wanted. As we waited for our coffee, the girl chatted us up pretty well. We told her this was my mom’s last therapy appointment and we were celebrating by trying this place that looked to be so popular. She was prepared with other conversation starters such as, “If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?” My mom chose classical of course. When we got our drinks, we also received 3 punch-cards that only required 1 more punch for a free drink. As for the coffee, my parents liked their usual brand better. But the experience was second to none.

I Found God today in a very positive experience at a new coffee place.

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