Jesus Misses Us More

My parents and I “went to church” this morning as we have for many months now – we went downstairs, turned on the TV and decided which Mass to participate with. Now we have a home altar that we set up during Lent that remains at the corner of the TV with a cloth, candle, […]

God’s Service

As we enter into the Triduum, I admittedly have been struggling the past few days. I can’t even really explain it, but likely a combination of many factors – every day stress topped with a lack of social interaction, missing my friends and other family members, not being able to attend Mass or receive the […]

Got to Mass

It has been weeks since I have been to Mass. We have been watching the Sunday broadcast on EWTN. We have also been blessed by a gentleman from our church visiting to bring Communion. But this morning I was able to take the opportunity to attend Mass with my son. I very much enjoyed being […]

Solitary Sacred Space

I recorded Mass again on EWTN this morning and brought my computer to the rehab so we could watch with my dad. When my mom and I arrived, he had just finished a therapy and the Eucharistic ministers were in his room. We were glad we made it in time to receive Communion. We then […]

Spiritual Food Arrived

Yesterday my dad was wondering if the TV in his room had EWTN so he could watch Mass today. I reviewed the list and it did not. However, we do have the capability of recording programs on the system at the house. I found how to work it on my computer pad and recorded today’s […]

Receiving Jesus

Today at Mass, the Gospel reading was of Zacchaeus who was a tax collector and consider quite a sinner in those days. He heard that Jesus was coming to his town and had a burning desire to see him. Since he was small, he couldn’t see above the crowd. So he climbed a tree to […]

Moments With God

Today I felt blessed to be able to take a few minutes during the day to spend with God – in prayer, in meditation, at Mass, and in the Bible. There were times when anxiety tried to creep into my mind, but these moments of spiritual rest helped me to stay at peace. I Found […]