Blessing of Communion

It has been now 4 months since my parents and I have received Holy Communion and even longer since we have been to Mass. After my dad came home from rehab and before the corona virus hit, we were blessed to have an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion come to the house a couple of […]

Virtual Peace

Today was the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is a celebration to once again remind us of the tremendous love Jesus has for us and how He holds us close in His heart. This afternoon I thought it would be good to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I came across the National […]

Jesus Misses Us More

My parents and I “went to church” this morning as we have for many months now – we went downstairs, turned on the TV and decided which Mass to participate with. Now we have a home altar that we set up during Lent that remains at the corner of the TV with a cloth, candle, […]

God’s Service

As we enter into the Triduum, I admittedly have been struggling the past few days. I can’t even really explain it, but likely a combination of many factors – every day stress topped with a lack of social interaction, missing my friends and other family members, not being able to attend Mass or receive the […]

Got to Mass

It has been weeks since I have been to Mass. We have been watching the Sunday broadcast on EWTN. We have also been blessed by a gentleman from our church visiting to bring Communion. But this morning I was able to take the opportunity to attend Mass with my son. I very much enjoyed being […]

Solitary Sacred Space

I recorded Mass again on EWTN this morning and brought my computer to the rehab so we could watch with my dad. When my mom and I arrived, he had just finished a therapy and the Eucharistic ministers were in his room. We were glad we made it in time to receive Communion. We then […]

Spiritual Food Arrived

Yesterday my dad was wondering if the TV in his room had EWTN so he could watch Mass today. I reviewed the list and it did not. However, we do have the capability of recording programs on the system at the house. I found how to work it on my computer pad and recorded today’s […]

Receiving Jesus

Today at Mass, the Gospel reading was of Zacchaeus who was a tax collector and consider quite a sinner in those days. He heard that Jesus was coming to his town and had a burning desire to see him. Since he was small, he couldn’t see above the crowd. So he climbed a tree to […]

Moments With God

Today I felt blessed to be able to take a few minutes during the day to spend with God – in prayer, in meditation, at Mass, and in the Bible. There were times when anxiety tried to creep into my mind, but these moments of spiritual rest helped me to stay at peace. I Found […]

The Beautiful Wedding

Today was the big wedding. I arrived at the church early and a friend of mine showed me what to do to be a Eucharistic Minister for the celebration. When we finished, we looked for the tabernacle, which wasn’t apparently visible. We walked to the red lighted candle and found the huge gold tabernacle held […]