Blessed Solanus Casey

Today I read a story about Blessed Solanus Casey who was a priest who served in Detroit, Michigan. He was known for helping to heal the sick and burdened through the intercession of Jesus Christ. People asked him the age old question of why God allows suffering. Fr. Solanus didn’t have an answer, but would […]

Personal Relics

Today is All Saints Day. At Mass, the priest talked about some of the personal relics he had of the saints in his life. He showed a shirt that belonged to his father who died when he was a young child. He wore the shirt and remembered his father. The garment still hangs in his […]

New Young Saint

Today I read an article about the new saint Carlo Acutis. He was a young man when he encountered Jesus in the Eucharist. This led him to compile a website documenting Eucharistic miracles around the world. Being somewhat of a computer wizard, Carlo did this when social media was in it’s infancy. He was only […]

Cabrini Day

Today, our state celebrated it’s first “Cabrini Day”. Our governor signed the bill replacing Columbus Day as a state paid holiday. I was amazed when I heard about it. Frances Xavier Cabrini is a Catholic saint and a woman. She was a great humanitarian and patroness of immigrants and hospital workers. There is a shrine […]

Life for a Life

Today was the feast day for St. Maximilian Kolbe. I thought about how this priest sacrificed his life to spare that of another. That led me to think about those who are doing the same thing right now. Doctors and nurses are taking the necessary precautions as they treat people with coronavirus. There are thousands […]

Ocean of God’s Love

Yesterday, the church celebrated the feast day of Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, but I read about her today from the Diocese of Manchester site: She believed the secret of happiness was in “losing,” that we should “throw ourselves into God as a little drop of water into the sea, and lose ourselves indeed in […]

Action Not Opinion

I received a wonderful reflection the other day and kept it in my inbox. It was a quote from St. Mother Teresa who always had meaningful and simple insights. I read it again today and was amazed and moved by the continued relevance of her words:“The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.” […]

Love Hurts

Today I read a quote from St. Mother Teresa that really caused me to contemplate: “Love is full of paradoxes. I have found that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” I Found God today in a new way of thinking about love.

Offering Candy

We had a great family get together today to celebrate birthdays and send off my brother on his next adventure. One of the things we talked about was the recent Halloween antics. It reminded me of something the priest said yesterday at All Saints Day mass. The church had a “Trunk or Treat” event. Participants […]

Courageous Martyrs

Tonight in my Bible class, we read through the books of Maccabees. It was an amazing, yet disturbing account of the oppression and martyrdom of the Jewish people. Those who failed to obey the laws of the land and chose God’s laws instead were tortured and died horrible deaths. Probably the most famous story out […]