Unexpected Blessings

Tonight I talked with some friends who the husband had battled cancer over the past year or so. He has been doing very well recently and his cancer is gone at this time. They said that an unexpected blessing through it all was the closer relationship they have as a family. They speak to their […]

Spring 2020

This time of quiet leaves us a lot of time to ponder and reflect. A friend wrote down her thoughts from the past week and shared them with us. I thought it was a beautiful meditation worth passing along: SPRING 2020 March, with its wind, rain, and snow Has brought with itA new kind of […]

Easter in the Desert

A friend of mine has a daughter who is a Franciscan Sister. Over the years I have seen photos and videos of her. What is most evident is her joy. She has a beautiful faith that shines through her smile. The young woman is also a talented speaker and musician. My friend shared a recent […]

Grinch Returned Easter

A friend shared a reflection with me that was written by a retired Christian pastor. It really touched my heart, so am sharing it here. THE GRINCH THAT RETURNED EASTER Sometime in the last 2000 years—Resurrection Sunday got hijacked. It got commercialized into bunnies and eggs, chocolate rabbits and “tip of the hat” church attendance. […]

Blessings While Passing

My dad’s cousin has been in an assisted living facility for about a year now and receiving hospice care on and off. It was exciting when he reached his 95th birthday – the oldest relative that my dad was able to document. Unfortunately, we received word that he died a few days ago. There were […]

Grandson’s Confirmed

This evening, my grandson received his Confirmation. He chose my son – his uncle – to be his sponsor. I was sad not to be able to attend, but we prayed for him during the Mass. And I was grateful to get some photos of him receiving the Sacrament almost in real time. He looked […]

Anxiety Prayer

Tonight I was talking with some people about how to stay on a good path in life and keep focused on the love, mercy, and grace that God has to offer. Of course the big answer is to pray. God wants good things for us and wants to help us. He is waiting for us […]

Responded to Reminder

At my bible class on Monday, the instructor encouraged us to say the rosary every day. I have been trying to make this happen. But, I didn’t get it done yesterday. I simply forgot. When I went to bed, I apologized to God and said that if he would remind me during the day, I […]

God’s Reminder

Today I read 2 messages from 2 different places that really struck me. “The more you know God and trust in His eternal ways, the more you are able to be patient with the other people around you.”   Allen Hunt “Before this day even began, God knew what we would face, what we would need […]

Public Witnesses

For the past few days, I have heard unapologetic witnessing to the grace of God in unexpected places. When I am at my prayer group or in my Bible class, the point is to recognize God’s love and mercy and to share that with one another. But I don’t expect to hear the same at […]