New Book Fan

My dad was in the Air Force for many years as a meteorologist and space environment scientist. When he retired from the service, he started teaching college which was what he always wanted to do. He wanted to teach a course about space, but found there was no good college text book on the subject. So he wrote one – several editions actually. Today he decided he wanted to get out and about, so we dropped my mom at her hair cut appointment and ran some errands. When we returned to the salon, my dad went in to retrieve my mom. He had not been in there for months, as I was now taking my mother and was happy to visit. The hairdresser, who has been doing my mom’s hair now for 40 years, was glad that my father came in. She wanted to introduce him to the woman who was her next appointment. The woman was the widow of the general who headed NORAD just after my dad left. My dad had heard his name in many of the places he worked, but did not remember ever meeting him. Evidently the widow searched for my dad’s book and finally ended up ordering it from the local book store. She was excited to meet my dad and said that next time she will bring the book with her so he can sign it. My dad said he was happy to receive a little ego boost.

I Found God today in the perfect alignment of circumstances that uplifted my dad.

2 comments on “New Book Fan

  1. That is so cool! Great post, Tammy!


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