On a Tangent

When my mom’s friend comes over, she is always prepared with news and topics for conversation. Usually we go off on tangents during our visits. I look things up on the internet and we confirm facts or learn new things. Today she talked about a book she was reading that was historical fiction. It included […]

Old Neighbor

We met a woman today and talked about family and past homes. As it turned out, she lived a few houses away from my parents before they moved into their current home. They were neighbors for about 7 years but never met each other at that time. We laughed about what a small world it […]

Best Friend’s Birthday

Today was my mom’s friend’s birthday. She came over today as usual to play piano. My mom wanted to get her some balloons, so yesterday we stopped by the party store and picked some out. One had a giant note on it, so that was particularly fitting. It was a fun surprise. I asked my […]

Our Tech Guy

I had a memory pop up today on social media of a post and photo I shared 9 years ago. It was when my son was in college and was a thrower on the track team. It was difficult travelling to far away places to watch his meets. I was excited when I learned that […]

Remembering Lourdes

Last night before bed, I came across a video of the pastor I worked for, who once again spoke to my heart. He talked about the upcoming Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and the World Day of the Sick, which is on Saturday. He told the story of the young girl, now known as […]

One Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it has been one year since my dad died. In some ways it feels like forever – at other times it’s like yesterday. My mom and I have been anticipating this anniversary. I had scheduled the Mass to have him remembered today. We planned on going to church, then to lunch with […]

Keeping Connections

Tonight I went to a friend’s house for dinner with people I have known for about 30 years. As usual there was catching up and a lot of laughter. One of the ladies contacted a couple of others who lived far away so we could all wish Merry Christmas. She is one who makes sure […]

Enduring Friendships

Tonight I was so happy to go to a birthday party for a friend I met some 30 years ago. We lived in a great neighborhood where all the kids played in each other’s houses and were welcomed to just walk in any time. The families would bowl together, go camping, or just hang out. […]

Made the Call

A friend of my mom’s lived across the street from us 50 years ago. They have stayed in touch via the annual holiday cards, but the last time they saw each other was over 10 years ago. My mom’s friend is always the first one to send out cards at the turning of the Fall, […]

Distant Relatives

For many years, my mom and sister worked on scrapbooking family memories. My mom has probably a dozen beautiful scrapbooks, each with its own theme. They are treasures for sure. Tonight, my grandson came over for a while to keep my mom company while I went to a prayer group. Last time he was here, […]