Funny Memories

I was happy to get together with my sister today. As she was driving, she was thinking of all the fond memories she had at the cabin. One time, she was putting her son to bed and saw a bear on the deck. She yelled and my mom ran and got a pot and a […]

Incredible Inspiration

My mom participated in her online Parkinson’s exercise class this morning. After the hour long workout, they had a time for socialization. Each person had an opportunity to tell about their careers and places they have lived. It was amazing to hear the robust lives that they had. I know it is unfair to meet […]

Insight As a Child

My dad was going through some things today and came across a prayer of sorts that was written by my nephew when he was a child. It is a beautiful attempt to put his own spiritual insights at a very young age into words. I was amazed at how his message from years ago is […]

Emulating Workcamp

A neighbor came over this afternoon to do some work on the outside of the porch. It has a stucco covering that has been deteriorating, and the Board of Directors of the complex has been slow in responding to the repair request. So, the neighbor who is our “roofmate” decided to just take matters into […]

Rescuing Each Other

Tonight my family was talking about the time I fell into a lake. My mom’s parents owned a cottage on a lake in Wisconsin. We would visit from time to time and always loved going out on the dock to see what we could see. One time, when I was about 4 years old, I […]

Sweetest Valentine

A couple weeks ago, my crafty sister brought some valentine cards over for my mom to work on. They spent an hour or so cutting and pasting and deciding who to give them to. Yesterday, my dad sadly apologized for not having a valentine for my mom. I suggested that he might be able to […]

Blue Notes

My mom told a great story this evening that I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. When she was in high school, she and 2 of her friends sang as a trio and called themselves the “Blue Notes”. At one point they connected with a band led by “America’s Polka King” Frank Yankovic and made […]

No Scrooge Here

My dad has had a cold – or something – for the last 2 weeks. It started with a cough, went to his head which cleared up, but the cough lingered. The other night he was up coughing most of the time. So yesterday, we called his doctor and spoke to the nurse who suggested […]

Disease Reminder

Tonight on the news, there was a story of a dance company that chose a couple of girls to be in their performance of The Nutcracker. The thing that was unique about the girls is that they had degenerative diseases and spent much of their time in hospitals or doctor’s appointments. One of them had […]

4-Wheel Drive

It snowed a couple of days ago and my parents and I thought today would be a good day to go to the cabin. The sun had melted off quite a bit of the snow in the city and the roads were completely clear, so we figured the roads to the cabin would be fine. […]