Mom’s Magnificent Music

My brother and my dad got his new TV set up including almost all of the old components. One that was left out was the old cassette tape deck. This prompted my dad to get out and sort all his cassette tapes and decided what was worth keeping. I interrupted him today with his earbuds […]

Angel of the Intersection

There was a big rainstorm here this afternoon and I got a notice that a certain intersection was flooded. My dad said he remembered that my mom had some incidents in that same intersection. Many, many years ago, my mom had all 5 of us kids in the car and had gone to the grocery […]

An Amplifier

Last week, the bulb on the old rear projector TV went out – or so we thought. My dad tried a used bulb, which didn’t work. He ordered a new bulb, but it didn’t work either. After some research and thought, he decided not to try to get the TV repaired, but wanted to get […]

$800 For a Chevy

This morning, my dad remembered that when he was very young, his mother would send him to the grocery store to pick up a few items. He felt like it was a huge responsibility. He and my mom remembered the prices of some items. My mom’s father owned a bakery and the doughnuts were $.30 […]

Apollo 11 Anniversary

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission when the first men walked on the moon. It is also my grandson’s 12th birthday. We decided to celebrate both. My mom thought it was a good idea to visit our local Space Discover Center to find space things to send my grandson. We went […]

Seeing Old Friends

This evening, my mom and I went to the annual picnic for the housing complex. At first, my mom said she didn’t see anyone she knew. As time went on, she found several people she knew and was able to have a conversation with each. On the way home, she said she sometimes misses the […]

Set Your Sights

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat troubled. I had a dream that reminded me of my faults and failings and not so great decisions I made in the past. As I tried to shake the awareness of guilt and regret, I read a meditation that talked about the necessity of leaving the past and […]