Online Fun

Tomorrow is my grandson’s birthday, so we had to celebrate all together somehow. His dad – my son – connected to the online game jackbox. He shared it on our family Zoom session and we were able to play Quiplash all together. It’s more or less a guessing game. Each player answered questions such as, […]

Finally Photo Album

We had quite the festivities here during the months of April and May. I had been promising my siblings that I would share photos of the all the events. Although they weren’t here physically to celebrate, they sent flowers and gifts and we all participated in some pretty creative Zoom sessions. We kicked off the […]

Zoom Cupcakes

Today was my nephew’s birthday. My daughter-in-law has a cake and cookie business and her most recent creation is a “decorate your own cupcake” kits. She provides the baked cupcakes, frosting, and sprinkles. She sent kits to everyone in the family. After we sang happy birthday, we decorated the cupcakes all together during our weekly […]

Uplifting Call

My parents have been talking about calling my aunt and were able to get in touch with her today. Her birthday is close to my dad’s and she also turned 90 years old. They had a nice conversation with her. After they hung up, they talked about how good it was to hear her voice […]

Virtual Tiger Visit

We love going to the local zoo. Usually we will try to go for my mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day. But, like most businesses that gather lots of people, the zoo is closed right now. Last week while we were chatting with my mom’s Parkinson’s exercise class, someone said they had been watching videos that […]

Blossoming Birthday

Today was my mom’s birthday. We decided to get her the geranium she always loves to put on the front porch. While I was at our favorite greenhouse, I purchased some annuals to plant in the two large pots by the outside steps. So, we got the front entrance all fixed up and looking ready […]

Thanking Each One

My dad received about 25 cards from the neighbors living in their development. He was very touched by all the kind notes that were included and wanted to thank each person. So, he decided to write a thank you card to everyone. Today we took a walk around the circular complex and delivered the notes. […]

Dad’s 90

Today was my dad’s 90th birthday! As morning started, we were a bit concerned because he wasn’t feeling so well. But, after sleeping a little longer, he felt normal and was ready to start the day. We had decorated the place with balloons and a banner with his photo. One of the neighbors came over […]

Family Time

Today my brother flew in and my sisters, brother in law, and son all came over. We had a wonderful time together celebrating my sister’s birthday and the fact that my dad was home. It had been quite a while since all of us siblings had been together. I Found God today enjoying family time.

Party at Rehab

This morning I was shocked to receive a phone call from my dad in rehab. His first concern was if I was talking with the staff there about his medication. He wasn’t quite sure what they were giving him and it was different from what he usually takes. I assured him that I have been […]