Mom Made It Too

Today was my mom’s 87th birthday. She and my dad laughed about how she “made it too” referring to my dad’s comment on his birthday. To celebrate, I started by making her favorite breakfast – which I actually do every morning, so it wasn’t really that special. In the afternoon, we went to the movie, […]

He Made It

Today was my dad’s 89th birthday. When I wished him happy birthday when he got up this morning, his response was, “I made it!” After church we went to the symphony and heard Beethoven. He had been wanting to go and it happened to land on his birthday so that worked well. It was a […]

Have Your Cake

Our season of celebrations actually started on Good Friday this year with my parents’ 67th wedding anniversary. Since it was on Good Friday, we decided to celebrate on Easter Sunday instead with German cuisine. I made a black forest cake that I tried once before and was a little disappointing. I tweaked the recipe a […]

Never Such a Party

The people who I exercise with in the morning are just wonderful and very good friends. Today was one of the mens’ 80th birthday, so the instructor arranged a surprise party for him. After our water aerobics class, we all met in one of the community rooms. The birthday boy was overcome with emotion. He […]

Made Birthday Lunch

My mom and dad have had birthday lunches with a group of friends for years. One of the ladies was hospitalized not too long ago with pneumonia and went through rehab. And she was present at the birthday lunch get together today. It was good to see that she was recovered and doing well. I […]

Lives Connected

A friend of mine turned 70 years old the other day and her family threw her a “surprise” birthday party today. Evidently, she was tipped off and it wasn’t quite the surprise that everyone had hoped for, but she played along nicely. One of her friends made a beautiful mural of photos that showed her […]

Tropical Snowy Celebration

My sisters and brother in law came over this morning and when my parents and I returned from church, the house had been transformed into a tropical paradise. They decorated the entire dining room with palm tree and beach murals, a beautiful tropical bouquet, beach toys, leis, and even real coconuts. They offered me a […]