Not By Sight

I talked to the people at the church today and asked about the Mass for my dad that was cancelled. The man who I spoke to said it would be rescheduled to another day and asked if there was a specific date I wanted. I thought it would be nice to have it on his […]

Everything Celebration

We missed Christmas and all the celebrations because of COVID and have been awaiting the day when we could get together with the family. We left all our decorations up in the house in anticipation of that time. One brother flew in for a visit this weekend, so we took advantage of the opportunity. The […]

Grateful For Sister

Today is my sister’s birthday. I am especially grateful for her today. She was away when mom and I ended up with COVID and stayed away for a little longer at my insistence. She knew how much I was struggling though, so she came back to stay at the house, wearing her facemask the whole time. […]

Birthday Saint

Today is St. Nicholas Day and my grandson’s actual birthday. I have always thought it fun that they are the same day. And I have noted how generous he is with his time and ready to help out. It’s just part of who he is – the way God created him. I saw a quote […]

Belly Laughs

Today we celebrated my oldest grandson who will be 20 in a couple of days. He had just returned from getting his hair cut and was looking very fresh. He played along well with the family birthday traditions. The guys were in rare form and I laughed until my stomach hurt. It has been a […]

Enduring Friendships

Tonight I was so happy to go to a birthday party for a friend I met some 30 years ago. We lived in a great neighborhood where all the kids played in each other’s houses and were welcomed to just walk in any time. The families would bowl together, go camping, or just hang out. […]

Love Balloon

Almost 2 weeks ago I received a big bouquet of big balloons for my birthday. When some of them ended up on the ground, it was time to do something with them. Many of them went into the trash. One pink heart shaped balloon still had a fair amount of helium, though it wasn’t enough […]

Family, New and Longtime Friends

Yesterday my sister, mom and I went to the Parkinson’s support group. We met my new friend and her mother there. I met them at the grief support group I have been attending. The mother was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and this was the first time they attended this meeting. The larger group broke up […]

A Magical Day

My brother is here from out of state for a visit, so the family decided it would be a good time to celebrate my birthday. They decorated with a unicorn theme, complete with a large balloon bouquet, headbands, and accessories. We took lots of silly pictures and laughed a lot. It was such a fun […]

Longest Uno

Last night my son’s went out to celebrate their birthdays together. So my grandchildren came over to our house for a game night. We tried to think of a game that we could all play from age 7 to 90. My mom suggested cards. I remembered we had Uno and the boys liked playing that. […]