Family Time

Today my brother flew in and my sisters, brother in law, and son all came over. We had a wonderful time together celebrating my sister’s birthday and the fact that my dad was home. It had been quite a while since all of us siblings had been together. I Found God today enjoying family time.

Party at Rehab

This morning I was shocked to receive a phone call from my dad in rehab. His first concern was if I was talking with the staff there about his medication. He wasn’t quite sure what they were giving him and it was different from what he usually takes. I assured him that I have been […]


Today is my grandson’s birthday. We gave him a video call this evening. After we sang Happy birthday to him, we were completely entertained for about half an hour. My granddaughter had to make sure she got her share of air time. We saw the rest of the family too, but the majority of the […]

60th Birthday Mass

A friend of mine and her husband have been making regular trips to France and Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago – The Way of St. James. It is a pilgrimage journey with religious sites along the way ending at the tomb of St. James. They recently made their way back determined to finish […]

Oldest Family Birthday

Yesterday, my dad’s cousin celebrated his 95th birthday. My dad did some research and found that his cousin was the longest living person in the family for at least a couple hundred years – as far back as my dad has been able to investigate. We sent some cards and my dad included a note […]

Growing Granddaughter

My granddaughter turned 4 years old today. My parents, brother, and I got on video chat and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. She wasn’t as chatty as usual. I guess she was tuckered out from her big party yesterday. But my mom noticed that suddenly, she had changed. She was now a little girl ready […]

Appreciating Siblings

Today I celebrated my brother’s and brother-in-law’s birthdays with the family. It was a good time filled with laughter as usual. On the way home my son commented about how he always looked forward to family get togethers. We always enjoy each other and laugh a lot. I thought about how much my siblings and […]