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Prayer of Napping

Tomorrow will be a busy day from the beginning as siblings come to spend the day with my dad, so I decided to go to Mass this afternoon. My parents were not up to it, so they stayed home. One of the scripture readings was Mark 4:35-41. It is the story of Jesus and the […]

Speaking Up

My mom is an amazing musician. She has been from an early age – it is just part of who she is. She had a wonderful singing voice as well. She even won a college scholarship after competing and performing. However, her Parkinson’s disease makes it difficult to even speak in a loud voice, much […]

Good Night Sleep

Since my dad got out of the hospital almost 2 weeks ago, he has still not been feeling very well. He is now wearing a heart monitor and will continue to have it on for a few more weeks. The doctors have been changing his medication in an effort to control his blood pressure and […]

A Gentle Fall

This morning when my mom got up, she said those words you don’t want to hear – “I fell down last night”. I tried not to panic as she was walking fine and listened patiently to her story. Evidently she got up in the middle of the night and headed to the bathroom. Her cane […]

Persist in Prayer

It seemed that everything I read today had the message of being persistent in prayer. Sometimes I wonder why it is so hard to pray. Even this morning, I “had a lot to do” but knew how necessary it is for me to start my day in prayer. I need to take the quiet time […]

Celebrating 18

Yesterday was my nephew’s 18th birthday. We were unable to celebrate it together because of the distance and the fact that he had his day all planned out. I sent him a text message first thing in the morning. Then my mom, dad, and I called and sang Happy Birthday to him. He was out […]

Silent Initiation Goes Beyond Words

At the beginning of Mass this evening, the priest said that there were two¬†young men being initiated into the church during the service. I always love being a witness to such an event – it invigorates my faith. I noticed a woman at the front who was interpreting in sign language. I took a look […]

Tour of the House

A few weeks back, my son purchased his first home. It needed to have some work done before he moved his family in, so he worked hard on it along with others including my other son who will be staying with him for the summer. Within a few days they got everyone and everything moved […]

Sacred Heart of Jesus

For the past 9 days, I have been saying a novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today was the feast day, so I got myself to Mass first thing in the morning. The scripture readings all tied together the amazing love that Christ – God – has for us. His heart overflows with love […]

No Longer a Child

My bedroom is on the lower level of the house. I am very happy to have a window, but the view is of the window well. We have been talking about what to do to dress it up when my mom found pictures of “fairy gardens” in one of her magazines. This is basically a […]