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Here For Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! It has been probably 18 years since I have spent this day with my own father. And this year, 4 of the 5 children in my family were here to celebrate the day. I don’t even know how long it has been since that has happened. My dad was up early, came out of his room ready for the day and announced he was going to church, which surprised us all. I was in the middle of cooking breakfast and grateful that one of my sisters got ready quickly and took him. He made it about half way through the service and started having a dizzy spell, so they returned. But it was encouraging that he made the effort and recognized when it was too much. The day was filled with laughter, stories, picture taking and sharing, gifts, and lots of love. When my nephew graduated from high school a few weeks back, we were unable to celebrate as a family since he was sick. So we used the decorations that I had purchased to celebrate him as well. We had a wonderful lunch all together. The other day, my dad mentioned that he had not had the delicious chili soup that my mom makes in a really long time. So, my mom taught my sister how to make it. It tasted just like I remembered. For dessert, I made a chocolate heart shaped cake. When it came time to serve it, me, my sisters and brother-in-law all gathered around it and scooped six different flavors of ice cream on top. We finished it off by drizzling chocolate sauce, marshmallow topping, and caramel. It was amazing. My dad took a nap during the day, but was feeling pretty good for the majority of the time. Having everyone there really lifted his spirits – and mine as well. I touched base with my son and am proud of the wonderful man and father that he has become. I thought about and prayed for all the incredible men who have been father figures in the lives of my sons and nephew. I also prayed for all the men who are responsible for parishes and congregations and are fathers in their own rights. I prayed for those who do not have a father to celebrate with on this day and those who are in pain from their relationships with their fathers. And I thought about God – Our Father – who guides and leads us all with a loving, encouraging hand.

I Found God today in being able to celebrate this Father’s Day with my dad.

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