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The New Dentist

One thing that is difficult about moving is having to get new medical insurance and new doctors. After doing as much research as I could stand, I finally said a prayer and chose a doctor and dentist that I thought made the most sense. Now, I am not a very big person and have had arthritis since I was 3 years old, so everything about me is small and crooked. Whenever I have had to have any kind of procedure done, the doctor or dentist says, “I wasn’t expecting that . . . ” Not words of comfort for sure. I met with my new dentist a couple of weeks ago and explained my issues. He seemed patient and nice enough. Today I was in the chair to have 2 old silver fillings removed and replaced with composites. I am very self conscious of my smile as my teeth are crooked and one in the front was so discolored from the silver filling. The new dentist was in fact very patient and gentle. It was still difficult for me, but when I left I did not feel too bad. As the numbness wore off, I could even eat which isn’t usually the case. This evening, there is very little pain at all and I am so happy with the way he fixed the teeth. Perhaps I will smile a little bit more.

I Found God today in a positive outcome from my dental work.

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