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Olympic Stories

My mom has been wanting to visit the new US Olympic Paralympic Museum. I had read about it and knew it was outfitted with top of the line interactive technology. We thought it would be great to bring the family. The grandkids were off school and my sons were off work, so we planned the trip for today. Unfortunately, my granddaughter was sick, so her mom stayed home with her. But, it was really a great outing for me, my mom, my two sons, and my two grandsons. There was so much to see and do we spent almost three hours there. Early on we came to a wall photo and display of all the people on the team who support Olympic athletes. One was the “Team Mom”. I felt like that was my mom’s role in our family – supportive and encouraging. So we all took a picture with her by the sign. One room held the Olympic torches with a wall size photo of Muhammad Ali. My mom and dad had been to the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996. The highlight for my mom was seeing Muhammad Ali carry in the torch. This was before my mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but the fact that he also suffered from that disease has given her a connection with him. Later, there was a display and description of the games in Munich in 1972 and the tragic massacre that took place. We were living in Germany at that time. I remembered that the we were all in basically lock down right after the incident and that they captured the shooter only a few miles from our house. My mom filled in the details as she remembered seeing the helicopters carrying the motorcycles that were dropped into the woods along with the search party. That was quite an event. The day at the museum was great fun for the four guys as they competed in virtual games and a running race. My mom enjoyed watching them and seeing the mementos. As for me, I do like taking people on adventures. And my heart swelled as my mom shared her Olympic experience stories with her grandsons and her great-grandsons. I feel so blessed.

I Found God today enjoying time and interactions with my mom, sons, and grandsons.

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