I can all too often find myself feeling overwhelmed. Such was the case earlier today. I thought I was starting the year off on a good path, when a phone call and conversation set me off. When I realized where my emotions were heading, first thing I did was walk away and take a time out. Usually I will take a walk outside to clear my head, but it was way too cold and slippery for that. I ranted to my sisters a bit to get things off my chest. Then I cleaned. That’s usually effective to get out some energy and it feels better when things are more in order. When my thoughts went adrift, I prayed Hail Mary’s. After lunch I went through my emails and there was a video on what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I watched it and felt a little better that I had done some of the things mentioned. Today is the Feast of Mary the Mother of God. We didn’t make it to church this morning – again because it was too cold and slippery. So my mom and I watched Mass with my friend on the East coast. He always lifts my spirit. He talked about today also being the world day of prayer for peace. It was good to be reminded of the source of true peace. The closing hymn was “Let There be Peace on Earth”, with the last line being, “and let it begin with me.” No, I wasn’t  immediately able to let go of all my worries, but I do feel more hopeful and resolved in my desire to surrender more to God.

I Found God today reminded that He is the source of true peace.

2 comments on “Overwhelmed

  1. We love you and are always praying for you. You are doing good work and there will be challenges for all of us to distract us from good works to follow Peace always. Hi to Jake. Happy New Year, too.
    Bob and Brenda


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