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We Received Communion

Today when my mom and I were checking in to see my dad, the Eucharistic minister came in right behind us to give my dad Holy Communion. We found him sleeping in a chair and were told that he was up and awake all last night. He would respond every now and again and did pray the Hail Mary with us, but didn’t want to receive the Eucharist – even after opening his eyes and presumably seeing what was going on. So, my mom and I received Communion instead. We chatted with the woman who was very nice and understanding. I think it takes a special kind of person to walk into a memory care community and pray with people. It is hard enough for us, never knowing what we’re going to walk into. Even though we were unable to have a nice visit with my dad, it was vey nice to be able to receive Jesus.

I Found God today in a caring Eucharistic minister and being able to receive Holy Communion.

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