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Lessons on the Farm

I talked with a woman today who said she was making a trip to the butcher this weekend. She explained that she lives on a farm and raises goats among other animals. She would be taking many of them to the butchers and getting back over 500 pounds of meat. I asked if she felt bad about taking them to slaughter. She said she did not. The male goats were raised specifically for that purpose and they were not particularly friendly. She has young sons who are learning the value of caring for the animals and providing for them so the animals will in turn provide for the family. They also had “pet” goats that would not be slaughtered that the children are responsible for. I thought about the lessons these children are learning, which are very different from most. Even though it may sound like a harsh reality, they are learning the importance of respecting nature, life, and providing for family.

I Found God today thinking about valuable life lessons on a farm.

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