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Made it to Mass

When my mom woke up this morning, she was not feeling very good at all. Her eyes were dry and painful and she could barely open them. She didn’t sleep very well and was very tired. After she took her pills, I put some eye drops in and she laid down with a warm moist washcloth over her eyes. That made them feel a little better. Then after breakfast she went back to bed. I was surprised that when it came time for Mass, she was all dressed and ready to go. On a side note – my parents had tickets to the Philharmonic this afternoon and my mom wanted to go, but didn’t feel it was right to go to a concert and not to Mass. So, off to Mass she went. We had a little time to eat lunch after church and then headed to the concert which she enjoyed. She was pretty tired for the rest of the evening. When I asked her how she found God today, she said it was in the fact that she was able to go to both church and the concert after feeling so bad this morning. I agree.

I Found God today as my mom was able to function after a bad start in the morning.

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