Grandma Grandson Duet

My dad was not home tonight and I had a prayer group to attend, so my son came over to be with my mom, or “grandma sit”. My mom babysat for him when he was a toddler and even brought him to his first music lessons at that age. My son continued to pursue music […]

Music Soothes the Soul

My brother’s dog is terrified of thunder. Unfortunately, we have been getting thunderstorms every afternoon recently. Today she came down in my room with me and shivered as I tried to soothe her. I put on some relaxing classical music which seemed to help. After a while, my brother tried to get her to take […]

Starting the Day With Joy

I started my day at the YMCA and the aqua aerobics class. It is never easy to get out of bed to make this happen, but it is so worth it when I do. This morning we used pool noodles as one of our “weights” to challenge our muscles and balance. It is difficult to […]

Made it to Mass

When my mom woke up this morning, she was not feeling very good at all. Her eyes were dry and painful and she could barely open them. She didn’t sleep very well and was very tired. After she took her pills, I put some eye drops in and she laid down with a warm moist […]

A Blessing

I have been reading the book of Numbers in the Bible for my class and came upon a blessing in chapter 6:24-26. It contained the words to a song that I loved and used to sing in the church choir. My mother knew it long before me and I shared the scripture where it originated. […]

Musical Soul

As I listened to my mother play the piano today, I realized even more how much music is the way she shares who she is. It is more than playing the notes or exercising her fingers and hands. It is more than staying mentally active. As the music ebbs and flows, my mother expresses who […]

Beautiful Music Together

This evening I was searching through the TV channels to see if there was a Christmas show on when I heard my mom start playing Christmas music on the piano. After a couple of moments, my dad started singing. In a little while, my mom joined in as well. I thought there was nothing better […]