Impact Made

As we listened to old recordings today, my mom remembered how the microphones were positioned on the stage of the high school gymnasium. She also remembered the man who was in charge of the sound system. She said she would always get so nervous before she was to go out on that stage to sing. […]

The Planets

Yesterday we made a trip to the cabin. It was a beautiful day, but in the middle of the afternoon, it all went awry. I laid down to take a catnap before driving home and started sneezing. My nose was stuffy, runny, and sneezy the rest of the night. It was a small battle driving […]

Musically Gifted

My dad and brother have been busy transferring the old cassette tapes into the computer. The next step is to put them on CD’s so they can be played easily. My brother completed the first one today and we all listened. It was a compilation of my mother playing the piano when she was at […]

Mom’s Magnificent Music

My brother and my dad got his new TV set up including almost all of the old components. One that was left out was the old cassette tape deck. This prompted my dad to get out and sort all his cassette tapes and decided what was worth keeping. I interrupted him today with his earbuds […]

Right Place, Right Time

My mom’s friend came over today for their weekly visit and piano duets. They were working on a particular difficult piece of music. My mom apologized for getting lost a couple of times and talked about how challenging it was. My mom’s friend replied that it was ok and it was really just a matter […]

Grandma Grandson Duet

My dad was not home tonight and I had a prayer group to attend, so my son came over to be with my mom, or “grandma sit”. My mom babysat for him when he was a toddler and even brought him to his first music lessons at that age. My son continued to pursue music […]

Music Soothes the Soul

My brother’s dog is terrified of thunder. Unfortunately, we have been getting thunderstorms every afternoon recently. Today she came down in my room with me and shivered as I tried to soothe her. I put on some relaxing classical music which seemed to help. After a while, my brother tried to get her to take […]