Finally Seeing Better

My mom has been struggling trying to read her piano music for a long time now. Finally a couple of weeks ago we were able to order her new glasses and were excited to pick them up today. We brought some piano music with us to test them out. She put them on and held […]

TAPS Across America

My mom was happy to get back to her online exercise class after they took a 2 week break. After the hour class, the participants chatted about what was the best thing that happened during their hiatus. One man said that he participated in TAPS Across America. Some family and friends came over on Memorial […]

What’s Around the Bend

This morning as I was driving to pick up groceries, I came to the familiar blind corner. I have seen people fly around the corner without realizing there is a traffic light up ahead. As I cautiously entered the bend, the Christian music station that I was listening to played, “Forever On Your Side”, by […]

Great Family Get Together

I was happy to get to church again this morning and bring Communion home for my parents. After our little service, my mom hopped on her piano to play, “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”, which was in her mind. Then we had a great family get together including my two sons, two sisters, […]

Music Masters

Today the piano tuner came back to do a little more work on the pianos. He started with the grand piano and took the keyboard right out. I had never seen such a thing. He set the keyboard on his table, filed the felt hammers, and gave me a little lesson on the inner workings […]

Part Of Her Being

My mom’s 2 pianos haven’t been tuned for a couple of years now. She had been using the same gentleman for many years, but the last couple of times he came, my mother wasn’t happy with the sound. He was getting old and we thought it was probably time to find someone new. But that […]

The Fifth Dementia

My mother read an article in the magazine “Brain and Life”. It talked about the importance of music in the health of your brain. A band named the Fifth Dementia, is made up of people with different backgrounds and music abilities. But what they have in common is that each person either has a neurodegenerative […]

The Great State Fair

My parents wanted to watch something entertaining on TV tonight, so we went through some of the newer free movies. None of them sounded good. Most were rated R with violence and objectionable language. My dad asked if there wasn’t a good comedy or musical. That sent me to YouTube where I searched for classic […]


It’s fun trying to find different ways to celebrate holidays. I read this morning that since Ireland is still locked down, the St. Patrick’s day festivities would all be virtual. So I figured we should be able to find some worthwhile entertainment. When we talked about it at dinner, my mom said she had Riverdance […]

Back to Playing

Due to COVID-19, it has been months since we have had visitors. But things are different now that my parents are fully vaccinated as are some of their friends. Today, my mom’s piano playing friend came over just as she used to every week. It was wonderful to see her and visit without facemasks so […]