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Ordinary Miracles

My mom and I were looking for a nice movie to watch tonight and came across “Charlotte’s Web”. I loved the book as a child and read it over and over again, so we watched it. The movie was cute with the talking animals and kept close to the story I remembered when I was a kid. But it surprised me that it was also thought-provoking as an adult. At one point, the mom of the little girl was concerned that her daughter was spending too much time with the animals. She was worried that the little girl had something to do with the words written in the spider web. So she had a conversation with the doctor who assured her that she was simply being a child. The woman asked the doctor if he thought the words in the web was a miracle. He talked about the miracle of the web itself and that spiders are able to create such a thing of beauty. They are not taught how to spin, it is just known and a part of their being. There were a couple of other times in the movie that made simple, yet profound statements that helped the viewer to have a deeper appreciation for the ordinary miracles all around us every day. I guess that was really the point of the story.

I Found God today in encouragement to see the ordinary miracles all around.

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