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Smiles To Go

My dad had a test at the hospital today, so my mom and I spent some time in the waiting area. While we were there, an older gentleman started chatting. He told us how he was there to have the battery replaced in his pacemaker. About 6 years ago, his heart was in such a bad way, he was on the list for a heart transplant. The doctors inserted the device to “buy him some time”. Evidently, it worked so well that he didn’t require a transplant at all. The device is doing all the work to keep his heart pumping and now he just needed a new battery. He told us how grateful he was to doctors, technology, and God for giving him a second chance on life. He talked further about how we need each other in the world and how important it is to follow the example Jesus Christ set for us. He makes it his mission to be kind to the people he meets and to help bring them a little joy. Before he left, he held out his hand and gave me some smiles to take with me. “Share them with everyone. They are fully transferable and there is an endless supply.” He was a delight.

I Found God today in a joyful, faithful man.

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