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Trust In

Today I was happy to go for a walk at the park. This park had a couple of playgrounds for children and a large astroturf field. As I walked past one playground, a man was encouraging a toddler to climb on the structure, taking him through it step by step. The child accomplished the task and proudly exclaimed, “I DID IT!” followed by the man, “YOU DID IT!” This child trusted that the adult was leading him safely through the obstacles. A little further on I saw a woman walking toward some stairs with a toddler following just behind her. When they reached the stairs, the woman stopped. The little boy caught up, stopped next to the woman, and without looking up, reached up his hand for hers. He trusted that she was right there and would guide him safely to their destination. Further on, I reached a small parking lot and saw a toddler running to the sidewalk. Then I saw another one who looked exactly the same as the first run to the sidewalk. Twins. Their mom was following right behind until she realized she forgot something in the car. She told the boys to stay there while she went back to the car for a second, then she met them on the sidewalk. They watched and waited until she was with them and told them they could continue on. They trusted that she would come right back and she trusted that they would listen to her. Finally, I walked past the giant field. I watched a large young man and a tiny young woman practice what looked like cheerleading moves. He would throw her up in the air and try to catch her by her feet so she was standing straight. Then she would balance on one leg. Then she would jump and he would catch her before she reached the ground. Each of them had to trust that the other had the correct instructions, knew the plan, and would do their part so they would both be safe. Honestly, after I saw the first little boy with the man, the trust message hit my heart loud and clear. I guess God thought I would forget, so He repeated the message over and over again. By the time I witnessed the cheerleading team, I was practically in tears and thanking God for making this impression on me. I get it God – you will lead me safely through the obstacles, you are always there to guide me safely to my destination, you will not leave me, I will wait for your instructions and follow through on my part as you follow through on your part.

I Found God today in His message on trust.

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