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Not a Salesman

Today my mom and I stopped by the store after her exercise class. She was pretty tired and didn’t want to walk around too much, but there were a couple of things we needed to pick up. While we were there, we looked at the appliances to make smoothies. My mom has had a blender for 60 years. It has been going strong, but is finally to the point where it needs replacing. We stood there looking at the choices and trying to decide when a man came up and told us about one he had purchased a year ago. He gave us the details about how it has worked for him – grinding up kale, apple peels, and even nuts. He said he had many appliances and this was his favorite. My mom and I thought he should have been a salesman, but he wasn’t. He was just a customer who was excited about the product and came over to help. We took his advice and purchased the one he described. I made smoothies with it this afternoon and it worked great. My mom and I were very happy that the man came on over to us. We didn’t have to take too much time trying to figure out which would be the best appliance for us and he was right.

I Found God today in a very helpful man.

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