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Growing Grandchildren

Today my grandkids and I had a lazy day. We hung out, played games, and cooked. I loved spending this time with them and seeing how much they have grown since I last saw them. My almost 3 Year old granddaughter is so funny, smart, and has a large vocabulary. But sometimes it was difficult understanding her and she would get frustrated. She knew exactly what she wanted to communicate and tried so hard to get the words out right. Luckily it didn’t last long and we were right back to enjoying each other. My older grandson was a huge help with her routine and deciphering her needs. He was patient, loving, and attentive. It didn’t surprise me, because that’s who he is, but as he gets to be an older teen, you never know how things will go. My younger grandson won all the games we played. During Monopoly, as I was going broke, he offered to give me some money – “donating to the poor”. I thought it was a sweet gesture. But then later in the car, we were talking about having a large income, and he said that if people have a lot of money, they should help he poor. He does have a caring heart. It was a calm, lazy, wonderful day.

I Found God today in the growth of my grandchildren.

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